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SINA Corporation, previously known as, is a Cayman Islands-registered company engaged in the provision of online media and information services principally in China and for Chinese communities worldwide. The company was founded in 1997 and has its registered head office located in Shanghai, China. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SINA.
SINA serves as the leading online media company and value-added information service provider in China. The company offers a network of localized Web sites and provides an array of services to its users that include region-focused online portals, mobile value-added services (MVAS), search and directory, Interest-based and community-building channels, e-mail, audio and video streaming, online games, virtual Internet service provider solutions, classified listings, fee-based services, e-commerce, and enterprise e-solutions. The company provides services through the operation of five business lines, including:, SINA Mobile, SINA Community,, and SINA E-Commerce.
The business line offers advertising products that include banner, button, and text-link advertisements; promotional sponsorships that are event-specific; and advertising campaign design and management services. SINA Mobile provides mobile value-added services through products that include content downloading, subscription to dating services, and mobile games on various platforms, such as short messaging service, multimedia messaging service, wireless application protocol, interactive voice response system, and color ring back tone. The SINA Community offers subscription-based content that includes community-based services and games such as SINA Blog, a platform for Chinese bloggers to read and publish original writings; SINA Podcast, which allows users to upload, publish, and manage their audio-visual information; SINA Mail, which offers free e-mail, VIP mail, and corporate e-mail for enterprise users; SINA Circle, which enables users to form communities on the Web; SINA BBS that hosts topic-specific discussion forums in Chinese language; and SINA Post-it, which is designed to allow free posting of advertisements for individual and enterprise users. The business serves as an enterprise solutions platform to assist businesses and government bodies to engage, communicate, and transact with their audiences through Internet. The SINA E-Commerce business line offers SINAMall, an online shopping Web site.
SINA Corporation actively operates in North America.
Business Summary
The Company is an online media company and MVAS provider in the People’s Republic of China and the global Chinese communities. The Company provides services through five major business lines including (online news and content), SINA Mobile (“MVAS”), SINA Community (Web 2.0-based services and games), (search and enterprise services) and SINA E-Commerce (online shopping)
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The Company is a online media company and value-added information services provider in the People’s Republic of China. With a branded network of localized web sites targeting Greater China and overseas Chinese, the Company provide services through five major business lines including (online news and content), SINA Mobile (MVAS), SINA Online (community-based services, games and instant messaging), (search and enterprise solutions) and SINA E-Commerce (online shopping). Together these provide an array of services including region focused online portals, MVAS, search and directory, interest based and community-building channels, free and premium email, audio and video streaming, online games, virtual ISP, classified listings, fee-based services, e-commerce and enterprise e-solutions. In turn, the Company generates revenues through advertising, MVAS, fee-based services, e-commerce and enterprise services.


The Company was founded in March 1999 through the merger of Beijing SINA Information Technology Co. Ltd. and California-based In April 2000, the Company completed its initial public offering and was listed on the NASDAQ market. Incorporated in the Cayman Islands, the Company is headquartered in Shanghai, China and has offices in seven cities and a network of four web sites around the world.

The Company’s ordinary shares have been quoted on the NASDAQ Global Select Market (formerly the NASDAQ National Market) system under the symbol “SINA” since April 13, 2000.


The Company provides services through five major business lines, including, SINA Mobile, SINA Community, and SINA E-Commerce, which are categorized into two business segments;i.e, advertising and non-advertising. The following table presents an overview of the Company’s revenue reporting structure; as well as, its vertical properties and services:


SINA is an online brand advertising property in China. SINA employs a multi-pronged sales strategy that targets both short-term revenue opportunities such as banner advertising campaigns; as well as, longer-term, higher-value contracts that include integrated marketing packages. The Company’s advertising product offerings consist of banner, button, text-link advertisements that appear on pages within the SINA network, promotional sponsorships that are typically event-specific and advertising campaign design and management services.

2) SINA Mobile

SINA’s MVAS, launched in Apri 2002, allows users to receive news and information, download ring tones and pictures, and participate in dating and friendship communities. Users can order these services through the SINA web site or through their mobile phones on a monthly subscription or pay per-message basis. SINA offers MVAS through a wide range of products from content downloading, subscription to dating services and mobile games, on multiple platforms such as short messaging service (“SMS”), multimedia messaging service (“MMS”), wireless application protocol (“WAP”), interactive voice response system (“IVR”), color ring back tone (“CRBT”) and KJAVA/BREW.

3) SINA Community

SINA Community aims at providing a user-generated platform for information and entertainment and promoting the community experience for SINA netizens.

4) serves as an enterprise solutions platform to assist businesses and government bodies to more effectively engage, communicate and transact with their target audiences via the Internet. provides businesses and government bodies with e-marketing and e-government solutions including search, corporate email, classified information, e-commerce and city portals.
SINA E-Commerce
SINA currently offers SINAMall (, an online shopping web site, on its Chinese Mainland and North America web sites. Based on SINA’s proprietary technology platform, SINAMall enables both international and local companies to transact business.


In blog, The Company competes with public companies, such as Baidu, Tencent, Netease, Sohu, Shanda (Shanda Literature) and Microsoft (MSN) as well as private companies, such as Bokee, Blogbus, Poco, Blogcn and Hexun in China. In online video, SINA’s competitors include private companies, such as Youku,, Tudou, Ku6, PP Live and PP Stream, as well as the video offerings of large established portal companies such as Tencent, Sohu and Netease. In micro-blog and social networking, in general, SINA competes with private companies like,,,, Twitter and, as well as the large portals. In instant messaging, the Company faces competition from the likes of Tencent (QQ), Microsoft (MSN Messenger) and Alibaba/Yahoo! China (Yahoo Messenger). In the WAP portal space, key competitors include Tencent, Kongzhong, Shanghai 3G and WAP portals operated by mobile telecom operators such as China Mobile’s Monternet. The Company also faces competition from vertical websites, who may have more resources dedicated to a particular topical area, such as Hexun, East Money, China Finance Online, PCAuto, Auto Home and PC Online. On the mobile side, the Company competes with other service providers such as Kongzhong, Linktone, Hurray and TOM Online that specialize in MVAS as well as large portals. As The Company continues to broaden its range of product offerings, it expects increasing competition from these established players and possibly less well-known players in the coming years. Many of these competitors have greater financial resources and better brand recognition in their respective verticals. In addition, certain companies, especially early-stage venture-backed start-ups may be willing to compete for market share at the expense of generating revenues.

Previously known as SINA.Com

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Engaged in the provision of online media and information services principally in China and for Chinese communities worldwide
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