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Sioen Industries N.V. is a Belgian company engaged in the production, development and sale of coated technical textiles, protective clothing and fine chemicals. The company was established in 1960 by Jean-Jacques Sioen in Beveren (Belgium).
Sioen Industries operates through three divisions. The coating division specializes in the coating of all types of polymers on various supports, such as fabric, knit and non-woven. The types of coating include direct coating, transfer coating, online coating and extrusion coating. The apparel division designs and manufactures technical protective clothing for industrial and recreational purposes. The processing division specializes in the production of pigment granules and pastes. It also processes coated fabrics into components for the camping industry, textile architecture and the car industry, polyvinyl chloride films for the construction of recreational ponds and industrial water basins used for fire fighting.
The company is the global market leader in coated technical textiles, European market leader in industrial protective clothing, a niche specialist in fine chemicals, and processes technical textiles into semi-finished products and technical final products.
The company’s assortment are manufactured and distributed under the brand names: Sioen, Flexothane, Baleno, Siopor, Sip Protection, Mullion, Maratech, Nyltex, Sio-Fit, nicewear, SEPP, SDS, Vidal, Sio-Line, Sio-Steel, Nordifa, Clartex, and Lainyl. The company’s products are tailored to a variety of market sectors such as transport, tents, sports, automobile, agriculture, horticulture, forestry and food industry, chemistry and petrochemistry, navigation, fishing industry and water sports, medical, air and water treatment, public institutions, publicity and promotion, construction and road works, interior decoration, and corporate identity wear.
Sioen Industries’ long-term strategy is one of vertical integration with a focus on sustainable growth, quality, innovation and profitability. In its case, vertical integration means having the complete production process from raw material to the finished product in its own hands: they spin, weave, coat, make pigments and cut and process technical textiles.
Business Summary
Sioen Industries specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of technical textiles and related products. Net sales break down by product family as follows:
– technical textiles (43.9%): extruded fibers, woven fabrics, and coated fabrics (No. 1 worldwide);
– protective clothing (22%): professional clothing and casual wear (water-proof, fire-proof and light fabrics, etc.) mainly marketed under the following brands: Flexothane, Siopor, Mullion, SDS, SIP Protecion and Baleno;
– products based on coated fabrics and PVC sheets (20.7%): pond covers, caning, inflatable cushions, drapes, sliding doors, advertising banners, camping tents, athletic mats, pool liner protectors, etc. The group also produces felts and filters;
– chemical products (13.4%): pigment pastes, inks, varnishes, colored powders, etc.
Description and history
The Company is an integrated, industrial group that is active in the branches of technical textiles and specialized chemistry by way of three divisions. The Coating Division is active in the integrated coating of synthetic fabrics, the
key activity from which the actual CompanyI originated. The activities of this division are not limited to coating, but cover the entire production process, from the extrusion of polyester granules (spinning) to high-tenacity yarns, over the processing in one of the Group-owned weaving mills. The Apparel Division is active in designing and manufacturing of high-quality protective clothing, for both industrial and recreational applications, thereby making maximum use of the transfer-coated fabrics manufactured by the Coating Division. The Processing Division is the youngest pillar of the Sioen Industries Group and has been developed from the vertical integration strategy of the Group. It is responsible for the production of pigment pastes and granules, the processing of coated fabrics and PVC films and for the production of filters for industrial applications. The Processing Division is an important niche player in specialized chemistry. Today, the Company has more than 30 production and sales’ locations. In 1996, the Company was introduced onto the Brussels Stock Exchange, quotes on the Brussels Euronext market, and also is part of the Next Prime segment.
*Changes with respect to 2004:
– Siotec BVBA has been absorbed by the Company
– The Company Gmbh has merged with Roland Planen Gmbh
– SIP Protection SAS has been absorbed by the Company France SAS.
– Sirec has been sold in 2005

Established by Jean-Jacques Sioen in Beveren (Belgium)

Description in German
Sioen Industries ist ein integrierter Industriekonzern mit schnellem Wachstum, der in den Bereichen von Fachtextilien und spezialisierter Chemie tatig ist. Dank einer Politik der vertikalen Integration, der Diversifizierung und eines standigen Wachstums ist die Sioen Industries Gruppe, die 1960 gegrundet wurde, ein internationaler Konzern geworden, der uber 14 Produktionsstatten in 6 Landern und einem eigenen Vertriebsnetz in 7 Landern verfugt.
Die Gruppe verwirklicht ihre Ziele uber drei sich erganzende Tatigkeitsbereiche:
Der Bereich Coating, dessen Geschaftsaufnahme im Jahr 1960 erfolgte, ist weltweit der Fuhrer fur integrierte Beschichtung von synthetischen Geweben geworden.
Der Bereich Konfektion, mit dem 1967 begonnen wurde, ist in Europa fuhrend fur die Entwurfe und die Herstellung von Schutzkleidung in Spitzenqualitat sowohl zur gewerblichen Nutzung als auch fur den Freizeitbereich.
Der Bereich Processing stellt zum einen Pigmentgranulate und Pigmentpasten her, die teilweise vom Bereich Coating verarbeitet werden; zum anderen verarbeitet er beschichtete Gewebe und Membranen.
Sioen ist zur grossten integrierten Gruppe auf dem Sektor Fachtextilien und spezieller Chemie geworden, dank dem ausgesprochenen Sinn fur Innovation, einer selektiven Investitions- und Erwerbspolitik und einem starken Stab an Mitarbeitern, die hoch qualifiziert und dynamisch sind. Die vertikale Integration innerhalb eines jeden Bereichs und unter den unterschiedlichen Bereichen stellen eine Garantie fur starkes und gewinnbringendes Wachstum fur die Zukunft dar.

Description in Dutch
Sioen Industries is een snel groeiende, geintegreerde, industriele groep, actief binnen de sectoren van het technisch textiel en de gespecialiseerde chemie. Sinds haar oprichting in 1960 is Sioen Industries via een politiek van verticale integratie, diversificatie en permanente groei geevolueerd naar een internationale groep met 13 productielocaties in 5 landen en een eigen verkoopapparaat in 6 landen.
De groep realiseert haar doelstellingen via drie op elkaar afgestemde kernactiviteiten. De Coating Divisie, gestart in 1960, is uitgegroeid tot wereldleider in het geintegreerd coaten van synthetische weefsels.
De Confectie Divisie, gestart in 1967, is Europees leider in het ontwerpen en vervaardigen van hoogwaardige beschermkleding, zowel voor de industrie als voor diverse buitensporten.
De Processing Divisie staat enerzijds in voor de productie van granulaten en pigmentpasta’s, die gedeeltelijk worden gebruikt in de Coating Divisie, en anderzijds voor de verwerking van gecoate weefsels en folies. Haar uitgesproken tin voor innovatie, een uitgekiende investerings- en acquisitiepolitiek en een team van hooggekwalificeerde en dynamische medewerkers maakten Sioen Industries tot de grootste geintegreerde groep binnen de sectoren van het technisch textiel en de gespecialiseerde chemie.
De verticale integratie, zowel binnen elke divisie afzonderlijk als tussen de divisies onderling, waarborgt een stevige en rendabele groei in de toekomst.

Description in French
La Compagnie Industries est un groupe industriel integre a croissance rapide, actif dans les secteurs du textile technique et de la chimie specialisee. Grace a une politique d’integration verticale, de diversification et de croissance permanente, La Compagnie, fonde en 1960, est devenu un groupe international possedant 13 unites de production dans 5 pays et un propre reseau de vente dans 6 pays.
Le groupe realise ses objectifs via trois activites de base complementaires:
la Division Coating, dont la mise en route date de 1960, est devenue leader mondial de l’enduction integree de tissus synthetiques.
la Division Confection, lancee en 1967, est leader europeen dans la creation et la fabrication de vetements de protection de haute qualite tant pour des applications professionelles que pour le domaine des loisirs.
la Division Processing d’une part fabrique des granules et des pates pigmentaires en partie utilises par la Division Coating; d’autre part elle transforme des tissus enduits et des membranes.
La Compagnie est devenu le groupe integre le plus important du secteur des textiles techniques et de la chimie specialisee grace a un sens prononce de l’innovation, une politique d’investissements et d’acquisitions selectives, et une equipe solide de collaborateurs hautement qualifies et dynamiques.
Business Line
Production, development and sale of coated technical textiles, protective clothing and fine chemicals
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