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Srithai Superware PCL is a Thailand-based manufacturing company, specialized in the production and distribution of plastic products and melamine products. It is a publicly quoted firm incorporated in 1979, and has its registered head office located in Bangpakok Rasburana, Thailand. The company’s common stock is listed on the Bangkok Stock Exchange under the trading symbol SITHAI.
The company is known as the global leader of 100% melamine, with a production capacity of more than 11,500 tonne per annum. It produces a wide array of plastic products that includes furniture, household plastic utensils and electrical appliance parts, office automation, pallets, beverage crates, containers, and automobile spare parts among others.
Srithai Superware operates four manufacturing plants located in Thailand, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. It distributes its products in both domestic and overseas markets. The company’s exports goes to more than 65 countries, with major markets such as India, Pakistan, the Middle East region, Europe and the United States.
The company aims to be the world’s largest melamine tableware maker and leader of Thailand’s plastic-product market.
Business Summary
The Company manufactures and distributes thermoplastic and thermo-set melamine products for domestic markets and for export, and moulds for plastic injection and melamine, and plastic parts made to order.
Description and history
The Company is a public limited company and is incorporated and domiciled in Thailand.
The Company is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. It is one of the largest manufacturers of melamine tableware. The Company, which has been in the operation for the last 40 years, has a monthly capacity of producing 7, 000, 000 tons of melamine tableware and 3, 000, 000 tons of plastic products.
As for the melamine production, all steps of production are conducted in-house, to ensure only top quality products are available. The Company has its own factory factory to produce melamine materials, which equips with more than 300 high technology machines sizing up to 4,000,000 tons. The Company’s strength is the exclusive and fashionable designs.
Meanwhile, as for the plastic production, the products range from furniture, pallet, beverage crates, containers, fish crates, auto spare parts and many more. By the use of robot-machines, the Company is able to increase accuracy and efficiency.
The Company has four plants manufacturing plastic and melamine products, located in Suksawat, Bangpoo, Bangpakong and Korat.
The Company markets their products both local and overseas. Among the countries are USA, England, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and countries in the Middle-East.
Other than that, the Company also achieved a few technical development. The Company is being licensed by Schoeller International of Germany to produce bottle crates, being licensed by Miyagawa Kasei Industry Co.Ltd. of Japan to produce plastic battery cases, being licensed by Walt Disney, Looney Tunes, Peter Rabbit, and other well known corporations to decorate melamine tableware with cartoons all in Thailand.
The Company also got certification of UL standards by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.,USA. The Company also awarded with Thai Industrial Standard Certification for Melamine Products by Industrial Standard Office, Ministry of Industry.
The Company has its own Research & Development Center and Creative Department whose roles are to develop new designs of plastic and melamine products to fulfill needs of customers. CAD-CAM software has been employed efficiently in the works of product-designs, decoration-designs, and package-designs.

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Specialized in the production and distribution of plastic products and melamine products
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355, Suksawat Road, Soi 36

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