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Stralfors AB is a Sweden-based information technology (IT) company that provides solutions within the field of information transfer. The company was founded by Thage Carlsson in 1919. Its registered head office is located in Ljungby, Sweden. The company is also operating in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Great Britain with joint ventures in USA and Singapore.
Stralfors develops, produces and delivers systems, services and products for the communication of information for operating a business. It is divided into three business areas: Graphics that develops, produces and markets printed paper-based information carriers with focus on pre-printed paper rolls, forms, information material and gaming products; Information Logistics that provides services and products for information transfer, comprising printing and enveloping, personalization of plastic cards, electronic payment transactions, e-communications and logistical solutions, and labels that specializes in labeling systems.
The Swedish company offers a wide range of products and services, among others include automatic data capture, business forms, cards, collamat labelling, machines, commercial print and direct mail, direct marketing, gaming products, graphic solution concept, interactive tools, labels and labelling solution, logistic solution, mobile communications, pharmaceutical information, E-mail and response management.
Business Summary
Stralfors AB’s principal activities are the production and marketing of graphic products and services. The Group is also involved in developing, producing and marketing information labels as well as system solutions for marking and identification and providing the solutions with IT supplies.
Description and history
Principal Activities:
Stralfors AB is an information technology (IT) company that offers systems, services and products for the communication of information for operating a business. There are three divisions. The Graphic Solutions Division comprises graphics products and services to gaming companies, the pharmaceutical industry, printing centers, service bureaux and users of forms for business communications, and self-adhesive labels, labeling machines and systems solutions. The Information Logistics Division provides services and products for information transfer, comprising printing and enveloping, personalization of plastic cards, electronic payment transactions, e-communications and logistical solutions. The System and Product-related Information Transfer (SPI) division consists of Business Area Supplies, a trading company, the jointly owned Lasermax Roll Systems, Stralfors TradeCom Solutions AB and other operations. Stralfors operates in 12 countries.

1919 Thage Carlsson establishes a job printing shop and a book and stationery store in Ljungby.
1936.The name of the company is changed to Th Stralfors Boktryckeri after Thage Carlsson changes his name.
1953 Gothe Parkander takes over the leadership of the company.
1955 Stralfors becomes a limited company.
1956 Stralfors begins to manufacture punch cards and enlarges its sales area to cover the whole of Sweden.
1957 A sales office opened in Stockholm.
1959 First part of the plant built in Ljungby. This is now 30,000 sqm large.
1961 The first rotary press acquired. Company begins to produce continuous forms.
1962 The range of products extended with Stralfors own brand of computer forms.
1965 Stralfors pioneers the manufacture of personalized cheques.Stralfors? first computer acquired.
1964-69 Stralfors established in Denmark, Norway, Finland and West Germany.
1968 Stralfors acquires Karlsson & Svenssons Akeri (haulage company) and buys its first plane, a six-seater Piper Aztec.
1969 Skrivab in Vaxjo acquired. Start of inking cloth manufacture in Denmark.
1970 Stralfors now able to offer a complete range of computer accessories.
1975 Acquisition of the label company, Datakett, in Helsingborg. Sells Skrivab.
1976 Signs a contract with the National Road Safety Office for the manufacture of a combined vehicle licence tax form and check mark. An innovation that is still going strong.
1977 New high stacking store.
1980 Subsidiary established in England. Stralfors is now the market leader for computer-related products.
1981 Stralfors starts up production of trotting and horse-racing betting slips for the ITS system.
1984 Stralfors on the OTC list. A new electronic repro system installed.
1985 Stralfors adds to resources for the manufacture of labels by acquiring Topflight AB in Astorp and Swe-Mark Print AB in Stockholm. Subsidiary established in USA. Lasermax introduced.
1986 Acquisition of label company Antonsson & Avery AB in Goteborg. Stralfors pioneers EDI system for electronic business information.
1987 Acquisition of Fabritius A/S label department in Oslo.
1988 Acquisition of Roffs Print Ltd in England. The environmentally-compatible computer paper Stralfors Noll is launched. The Goup’s net sales exceed one billion Swedish kronor.
1989 Acquisition of Fabritius A/S department for Electronic Printing and Data-Tryck in Bergen.
1990 Acquisition of Dalst Etiketten AG, Basle, Switzerland.
1991 First Stralfors unit achieves ISO 9000 quality assurance certification.
1994 Stralfors celebrates its 75th anniversary as a company. Stralfors takes over the manufacture of all vehicle licence plates for Swedish vehicles. Stralfors named by DNS (Det Naturliga Steget) as one of the 25 firms in Sweden on the Swedish Stock Exchange that are the most eco-friendly.
1995 Stralfors introduces ‘Miljo Plus’, the first computer paper in the world manufactured from pulp produced in closed bleach plants. The seventh Stralfors unit receives ISO 9000 certification. Acquisition of Web Converting NV in Belgium, adding to the range of products for the Stralfors Lasermax system.
1996 Several more products from closed bleach plants: Stralfors A4 Plus,Laser Plus and Profil Plus. Own production of lottery tickets in England. Acquisition during the year of Guhl & Scheibler, label printers in Switzerland and Germany. Stralfors International acquires the Lasermax division from its agent, Wallace Computer Service Inc., in Chicago. Acquisition of P .A. Segenmark in Uppsala, manufacturer and supplier of smart cards. This allows Stralfors to offer customers such as SAS Eurobonus and Intersport total concept solutions for the Loyalty programmes. Annual net sales exceed SEK 2 billion. Named by DNS as one of the 25 firms in Sweden on the Swedish Stock Exchange that are the most eco-friendly for the third year running. Environmental programme qualifies for ISO 14001 certification.
1997 Stralfors established in France. Acquisition of the computer-accessory company, Multi-Supply, in Denmark. Collamat-Stralfors AG established in order to strengthen the position on the world market for solutions for the application of labels in industrial environments.
1998 The acquisition of Auriga AB enables Stralfors to offer customers new solutions in the area of electronic payment services and electronic document handling. Stralfors Akeri AB (hauliers) sold. Contract signed with the National Road Administration for the delivery of total concept solutions for the production of the new Swedish driving licence. Stralfors System, Stralfors Card Systems and Stralfors Auriga incorporated in Stralfors Svenska AB so as to make it even easier to offer the market total concept solutions within information transfer. Customers offered an opportunity to buy from IT-Supplies via the Internet. The solution is called Trade-it.
1999 Acquisition of the Internet company, Minterbase. This will provide customers with solutions for Internet trading, intranet/extranet and Internet via the software program Astrad. New production workshop for gaming products inaugurated in Ljungby. Start of production of the SMI card for GSM telephones for Europolitan. Stralfors delivers complete starter packs. On 12 July it will be 80 years since Thage Carlsson set up in business, and Stralfors will be celebrating its 80th anniversary!

Takeover by POSTEN AB
The company acquired by POSTEN AB and Stralfors application for delisting of the Stralfors B-share, the Stockholm Stock Exchange has decided to delist the Stralfors shares from the O-list. The last trading day is Friday June 16, 2006.

Founded by Thage Carlsson

Strllfors ar ett IT-fokuserat Business to Businessforetag med grafisk tradition, verksamt med helhetslosningar inom omrldet informationsoverforing. Strllfors utvecklar, producerar och levererar system, tjanster och produkter for effektiv kommunikation av affarskritisk information.
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Provides solutions within the field of information transfer
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