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The company is a privately held company engaged in the manufacture of plastic products. The company was incorporated in December of 1991. The registered head office of the company is located in Bekasi, Indonesia.
The company specializes in the production of unsupported plastics film and sheet; laminated plastics plate, sheet and profile shapes; and other plastic products. It operates a production facility in Bekasi, Indonesia.
Business Summary
The Company is engaged in manufacturing of plastic components and plastic packaging.
Description and history
The Company, formerly known as PT Summitplast Interbenua Tbk was established on December 14, 1991. The Company started its commercial operations in 1992. The scope of activities of the Company comprises of manufacturing of plastic components and plastic packaging.
The Company is a leading export-oriented high-quality plastics injection molder in Indonesia, concentrating on strategy, design, quality control, production, and customer satisfaction agenda.
The Company was founded in 1991, as a joint venture injection molding company. Opportunities had been perceived for plastic component manufacture, to serve the growing export-oriented electronics and computer industries in Indonesia.
Based on this, there were four founders planned and backed the Company :
-Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, a leading Japanese trading firm.
-Tensho Electric Co.Ltd., a leading Japanese injection molding company.
-PT. Dynaplast Tbk., the largest publicly-listed plastic rigid packing company in Indonesia, and
-PT. Panca Teladan, an Indonesian holding company, having local expertise.
Production facilities has grown steadily with the rise in demand over the past 7 years.
The first factory was built in Tangerang, west of Jakarta. A second facility, built in modern East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP), Cikarang, West Java, began producing in 1996, and was awarded ISO 9002 certification by SGS in October 1997.
Construction of a third factory for molding design and manufacturing, also located in Cikarang area, is currently in a planning stage. When completed, the Company will be the first high quality injection molding company in Indonesia that provide total solution to its customers through mold design to finish products.
The Company’s lines of business are:
-Mold designing and manufacturing.
-Injection Molding.
-Screen and Pad Printing.
-Spray Painting.
-Sub Assembling.
The Company delisted from Jakarta Stock Exchange on June 5, 2007.

Business Line
Engaged in the manufacture of plastic products

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Delta Silicon Industrial Park, Blok L8-5A
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17550, BEKASI
Phone: +62 21 8990 5855
Fax: +62 21 8990 0636
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