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Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd is a Korean-based company, which is primarily engaged in the manufacture and trade of electric wires and stainless steel products for power and communication sectors in South Korea and abroad. The company, with registered head office located in Keumchon-Gu, South Korea, was established in 1955 as the first wire and cable company in Korea.
Taihan Electric Wire is a leading cable producer in Korea. It offers high voltage cables and accessories, gas insulated switchgear insulation parts, aluminum wires, insulated cables, concentric-neutral underground distribution cables, control and instrumentation cable, copper rod, magnet wire, building wire, hydrogen free fire resistant cable, and trolley wire for power sector, as well as optical fiber, optical cable, optical fiber ground wire, fiber optic accessory, communication cable, data cable, wireless telecommunication cable, and coaxial cable for telecommunication sector. Taihan Electric Wire also provides turnkey services, which include system design, engineering, supply of products, and testing of installation work. In addition, Taihan supplies cold rolled stainless steel coils and sheets for petrochemical, food, and shipbuilding and vehicle industries. Its stainless steel coils and sheets are used in the medical, ocean development, anti-pollution instruments, and nuclear industries.
Taihan Electric Wire operates a manufacturing plant in Gyeonggi-do and Chungcheongnam-dong, Korea. It also owns a technology research center in Gyeonggi-do, Korea and has a network and support offices in South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mongolia, the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. Listed on the Korean Stock Exchange under Ticker symbol 001440, Taihan is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. In April 2007, the company acquired B.C. Ltd., which is engaged in hotel management and leisure business.
Business Summary
Firm’s biz revenue growth trend continues, thanks to favorable tune in sales of optical cables for communications (KT) and increase of electric power wire exports. Firm’s profitability improved in view of increase in non-operating income, because of product enhancement and rising equity value in other corporations that the firm’s subsidiary has. Firm’s financial stability fell, because of expansion of borrowings and decline in liquidity, in view of several occasions of aggressive M&A including Prismian. Firm is likely to continue its biz revenue growth trend in view of order receipt of high voltage cables from the Middle East and Australia, while part of electric wire order receipt has been carried over. Firm’s profitability improvement is likely, in view of order increase of high value added product, high voltage cables, and expected profit on selling of Anyang factory. Firm plans to sell Anyang factory, Nambu Terminal and Siheung site developing right, and also tries to sell part of investment securities, and thus, financial structure is forecast to be stabilized.
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Established as the first wire and cable company in Korea

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Engaged in the manufacture and trade of electric wires and stainless steel products for power and communication sectors in South Korea and abroad
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JUNG-GU, SEOUL 100-874
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Fax: +82-2-754-5240
Country address: KOREA REPUBLIC OF
Website url: www.taihan.com