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Eiffel Technologies Limited, formerly known as Pharmacion Holdings Ltd, is an Australian-based company principally engaged in the research and development using Supercritical Fluid Technologies (SCF) to reprocess drugs. It conducts research and development into the re-engineering of approved drugs in the pharmaceutical industry using fluid technologies. The company was established as a contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in 1986. Its registered business office is located in North Ryde, Sydney, Australia.
The company’s SCF technologies are used to produce uniform and small drug particles. It is also applicable for the extraction, fractionation, and purification of complex chemical mixtures to yield products with no residual solvent. Its research program focuses in developing and improving drugs in a range of therapeutic areas, including diabetes and asthma. In addition, Eiffel Technologies has formed a partnerships with MAP Pharmaceuticals, Inc., for the design and formulation of inhaled insulin, asthma combination products, and inhaled corticosteroids; and with Nanotechnology Victoria, for the design and formulation of a wide range of proteins and peptides for transdermal delivery.
Eiffel Technologies is striving to enable the development of better medicines and to build company value and shareholder wealth utilizing its capabilities to develop innovative drug delivery solutions, which enables the development of better medicines.
Business Summary
The principal activity consists of research and development into drug re-engineering primarily in the pharmaceutical industry.
Description and history
Eiffel began operations as a contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in 1986 as PharmAction HoldingsLimited and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in August 1996. In 2001, Eiffel sold its pharmaceutical manufacturing contract operation to Cottee Health.

Eiffel Technologies involves in manufacturing chemically re-engineer drugs to improve performance (potentially reducing dosage and side effects) and allowing use of more efficient, patient-friendly, drug delivery options ie. oral, inhalational, injectable, transdermal and implants.

During late 2000, Eiffel Technologies acquired eight supercritical fluid (SCF) patent-protected, biomedical drug re-engineering technology platforms from the Supercritical Fluid Research facilities at the University of NSW (Unisearch) and the University of Sydney.

The SCF technology platforms have the capability to improve the solubility and bioavailability of pharmaceuticals and to provide for more cost effective, patient-convenient reformulations to enhance drug design and delivery systems.

Commercial opportunities for SCF technology platforms are significant with up to 40% of drugs within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets having low bioavailability and difficulties in drug formulation. SCF technology platforms offer more ‘environmentally-friendly’ processes compared with traditional particle sizing technologies, providing shorter development lead times and cost effective, single step manufacture.

Importantly, Eiffel Technologies is a later stage drug re-engineering company rather than early stage drug discovery company with revenue streams expected earlier than with traditional drug discovery work. Although clinical trials are required for re-engineering pharmaceuticals, they are not as extensive or as lengthy as for new drug development.

Eiffel Technologies Limited is a listed public company, incorporated and operating in Australia on December 15, 1995. The company shares were listed on Australian Stock Exchange on August 20, 1996.

On February 29, 2008, the Company changed name from Eiffel Technologies Limited to Telesso Technologies Limited.

Formerly known as Pharmacion Holdings Ltd; Established as a contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals

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Research and development using Supercritical Fluid Technologies (SCF) to reprocess drugs
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