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Telindus Group NV/SA is an international ICT company offering network-based solutions, meeting business and public sector needs. The company specializes in offering, consulting, integration and management services in all areas of modern telecommunications applications and technologies for Local Area Networks (LAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN), network access and security, surveillance, and network applications.
The company was established in 1969 as Ingenieursbureau Koning & Hartman and was later incorporated in the same year. In 2006, Belgacom, Belgium’s leading telecom operator, acquires the company in a strategic move to become a European market leader in ICT. The company continues as an autonomous company and becomes Belgacom’s international growth vehicle for ICT Services. The company’s registered headquarters is located in Heverlee, Belgium.
Telindus Group NV/SA is one of the leading ICT companies in Europe. It is a group of companies offering ICT Solutions and Services. Telindus serves business and public market needs as a solution and sourcing partner, delivering secured converged networking, and secured systems and applications underpinned by management and support services.
The company’s mission is to be the independent trusted advisor and sourcing partner who translates business needs into secure networked ICT solutions and services. The company’s vision is to become a 1 billion Euro turnover flagship company with sound profitability, targeted vertical market knowledge, technology know-how and creating international ICT benchmarks. The company’s market vision: It envisions a world where all devices will become digitally intelligent, where core business processes of companies will be networked and organizations become part of a virtual “networked” community.
Telindus Group NV/SA’s strategic partners include 3com, ADVA Optical Networking, Check Point Software Technologies, Ciena Corporation, Cisco System, Extreme Networks, Juniper Networks, NetScreen, Nokia, Polycom, Radware and Redback Networks Inc.
Telindus Group NV/SA actively operates in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, China, and Thailand.
Business Summary
Telindus Group NV is the parent company of Telindus, an European expert in data communications and network integration.
Description and history
Telindus Group NV (formerly Telinfo), headquartered in Belgium, is the parent company of Telindus, an European expert in data communications and network integration.
Telindus has expertise in all aspects of modern telecommunications technology, including LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), Internet and e-networking, network access and security, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), VPN (Virtual Private Network), networked video surveillance, fixed and mobile communications.
The group’s unique know-how in the area of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology is used to produce high-performance access devices that are highly regarded by a significant number of operators for their flexibility and performance.
Telindus Group operates over sixty offices in fifteen countries in Europe, South-East Asia and the Middle East and has an extensive network of representatives in these regions as well as in North America, Latin America and Africa.
Telindus counts more than sixty operators and an eminent range of financial, governmental and European institutions among its clients. Telindus can also provide a large number of top references in the industrial, the distribution and the media world.
Telindus Group runs a training centre known as the Telindus High-Tech Institute (THTI). On an independent basis, the THTI instructors offer some 130 telematics courses on a European scale, dealing with a variety of technologies and aimed at customers and own personnel.
In addition to its network activities the Telindus Group has a number of participating interests in companies such as Mobistar (4.7%), Spearhead (6.8%) and Mitiska NetFund Europe (5.6%).

In January 2006, Telindus joined the Belgacom Group to become the IT Services Branch of a new business leader in the market. Belgacom SA/NV is the leading telecommunications company in Belgium and a market leader in a number of areas, including retail and wholesale fixed-line telephony services, mobile communications services, broadband data and Internet services. Together, Belgacom and Telindus are building a Belgian champion in the European IT landscape, presenting the market a unique offering, uniting Connectivity and IT Services.

On 21 February 2006, Belgacom and Telindus announced that Belgacom’s new takeover bid for all outstanding Telindus shares and warrants was closed successfully on 15 February 2006. Under this offer, 7.45% of the shares were offered for sale. The price of the shares was paid to the Telindus Group shareholders by 28 February 2006 at the latest. After this payment, Belgacom own 98.31% of Telindus’ shares.

As required by law, Belgacom launch a public bid for all Telindus shares and warrants that are still under public ownership (squeeze-out), offering the same price for these as in the bid concluded on 15 February 2006. This offer run from 22 February to 14 March 2006. By the end of this operation, any shares and warrants that have not been offered for sale will be deemed to have been automatically transferred to Belgacom.

On 15 March 2006, the Tenlidus’ shares had been delisted from Euronext Brussels.

Started as Ingenieursbureau Koning & Hartman

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Telindus, d’origine Belge, est un expert europeen en matiere de communication de donnees et d’integration de reseau. Le Groupe compte pres de 60 implantations dans 16 pays et dispose par ailleurs d’un reseau etendu de representants dans le reste de l’Europe, en Asie du Sud-Est, en Amerique latine, en Afrique et au Moyen-Orient. Telindus compte parmi sa clientele plus de 60 operateurs et d’une selection d’institutions financieres, publiques et europeennes.
Le groupe detient, en plus de reseau, plusieurs participations financieres, notamment dans Mobistar (5.2%), Spearhead (6.8%), Mitiska Net Fund Europe (5.6%) et Minds (9.5%).
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An international ICT company offering network-based solutions, meeting business and public sector needs
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