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Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk (TSP) is a publicly quoted Indonesian firm engaged in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products. It was founded as PT Scanchemie in May 1970 by PT Perusahaan Dagang Tempo and PT Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries. The company’s major shareholder is PT Bogamulia Nagadi, also the holding firm of the Tempo Group. TSP’s production activities are carried out in a plant located in Cawang, East Jakarta.
TSP was initially a contract manufacturer of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine for PT Tempo. It has expanded its business portfolio in 1980 and included the manufacturing and marketing of a diverse range of well-known ethical and OTC pharmaceutical products. It developed licensed products as well as its own brands. Among its distributed OTC items are analgesics, medicines for cough and colds, anti-rheumatism, multi vitamins/supplement/herbal, and throat and breath fresheners. The company’s total tablet production is approximately two billion units per year, while capsules are around 110 million units and 38 billion bottles liquid. Majority of its capsule machinery is for the production of Hemaviton. TSP relies its strength lies in its over-the-counter (OTC) products. Its major brands include Brodex, Brodexin, and Hemaviton. It has also the Neo-Rheumacyl which is considered as the largest single product contributor to the ethical product line.
Tempo Scan Pacific has a total of 45 branches/warehouses and sales agencies throughout the Republic of Indonesia. It serves pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical distributors, drug stores, institutions, hypermarkets, food service industry, supermarkets, mini markets, wholesalers, stalls and cooperatives.
Business Summary
The Company is mainly engaged in pharmaceutical industry.
Description and history
PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk was established on May 20, 1970. The Company is an Indonesia-based pharmaceutical company. Its product lines include Hemaviton, NEO Hormoviton, Zevit-C, Bodrex, Bodrexin, NEO Rheumacyl, OBB, Candyvit-C and Flucyl among others. The Company’s business segments are divided into three categories: pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetics, and distribution services.

The Company has been a certified GMP pharmaceutical manufacturer since 1990 with certification for 11 kinds of dosage forms. To date, the Company has already produced and marketed 105 items for distribution domestically and 43 items for export. The Company’s production activities are carried out at its 11,622 sq metres plant in Cawang, East Jakarta. Its factory was recently upgraded and it has a work force of 492.

Tablet capacity is by far the largest compared to the capsule and liquid lines. The tablet line is currently running at 200 % utilisation based on 1 extended shift per day. The tablet capacity is primarily devoted to the production of the Bode lines. Total tablet production is approximately 1.3 billion units per year, while capsules are around 250 million units and liquid 1.170.000 billion ltss. The majority of its capsule machinery are for the production of Hemaviton.

The Company’s strength lies in its OTC products with major brands Brodex, Brodexin, and Hemaviton, collectively, contributing approximately 70% of the consolidated pharmaceutical revenue.

Founded as PT Scanchemie by PT Perusahaan Dagang Tempo and PT Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries

Business Line
Engaged in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products
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Bina Mulia II Building, 5th floor
11, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said
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12950, JAKARTA
Phone: +62 21 520 1858
Fax: +62 21 520 1857
Country address: INDONESIA
Website url: www.thetempogroup.net