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The company is primarily engaged in the provision of bus passenger transportation services. The firm was incorporated in the year 1977 and conducts business operations from its registered head office based in Caceres, Brazil.
The company mainly operates local and suburban passenger transit systems over regular routes and on regular schedules within a metropolitan area and its adjacent nonurban areas. These transportation systems involve the use of one or more modes of transport including light rail, commuter rail, subways, streetcars, as well as buses and other motor vehicles. Further, the company operates under the management and supervision of the Managing Director, Luis Hugo Teruel.
Business Summary
TRANSPORTES AUTOMOTORES PLUSMAR S.A. Its main activity is related to transport of passengers services.
Description and history
Transportes Automotores Plusmar S.A. Was born in the city of Quilmes in 1976, was constituted as a result of a previous work of approximately 30 years. The company carries out services of short, average and releases distance with own units, in diverse tourist runners towards and from all accessible place by national routes and of bordering countries counting for it with all the corresponding ratings already they are of tourism, contracted transport of passengers, services, as much for agencies as for unions, it builds social, official and deprived organisms.

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Transportes Automotores Plusmar S.A. Nacio en la ciudad de Quilmes en 1976, se constituyo como consecuencia de una labor previa de aproximadamente 30 anos. La empresa efectua servicios de corta, media y larga distancia con unidades propias, en diversos corredores turнsticos hacia y desde todo lugar accesible por rutas nacionales y de paises limitrofes contando para ello con todas las habilitaciones correspondientes ya sean de turismo, transporte de pasajeros, servicios contratados, tanto para agencias como para sindicatos, obra sociales, organismos oficiales y privados.
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Engaged in the provision of bus passenger transportation services


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1845, Av. Reg. de los Patricios

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Phone: +54 11 4303 6000
Country address: ARGENTINA
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