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Compagnia Assicuratrice Unipol S.p.A. is an Italian company engaged in the provision of insurance and financial services. The company was incorporated in 1963. It is registered as a publicly quoted company, traded on Italian Continuous Market under the ticker symbol UNI. The main business office of the company is located in Bologna, Italy.
The company offers a wide range of products and services such as life, property & casualty, health, other general insurance, asset management, as well as merchant banking, and consumer banking services.
Compagnia Assicuratrice Unipol S.p.A. operates approximately 585 agencies with 810 agents and 1,355 sub-agents working full-time and 630 branches selling standard banking products.
Compagnia Assicuratrice Unipol S.p.A. is a global company with operating subsidiaries in Italy, Luxembourg, Greece, and Belgium.
The company is one of the listed subsidiaries of Unipol Gruppo Finanziario S.p.A.
Business Summary
In July 1999 the company invested LRE 200bn in a 1% stake in Olivetti’s ordinary capital.
The acquisition is part of Unipol’s expansion strategy, the aim of which is the formation of an insurance, banking and industrial grouping in partnership with Olivetti.
Description and history
UGF Group ranks among the first insurance groups in the Italian market, recording 2008 estimated aggregate insurance income of 8 billion euro (3.5 eur/bn of which in Life business and 4.4 eur/bn in Non-Life business). Its strategy is based on the integrated distribution of a full range of insurance and financial products and it is operating especially in supplementary pension schemes and health insurance. UGF Group provides for services in the following sectors: insurance – through UGF Assicurazioni, Linear, Navale and Unisalute – bancassurance – through BNL Vita and distribution agreements with branches of UGF Banca – in banking, asset management and merchant banking services – through UGF Banca, Unipol Fondi, Unipol SGR, UGF Merchant Banca per le Imprese and UGF Leasing.

Description in Italian
Unipol Gruppo Finanziario e’ il quarto gruppo assicurativo nel mercato italiano, con una raccolta assicurativa aggregata 2008 di 8 miliardi di euro (di cui 3,5 nei rami Vita e 4,4 nei rami Danni). Il Gruppo adotta una strategia di offerta integrata, coprendo l’intera gamma dei prodotti assicurativi e finanziari ed и particolarmente attivo nei settore della previdenza integrativa e della salute. Nei servizi assicurativi opera tramite le societа UGF Assicurazioni, Linear, Navale e Unisalute; nella bancassicurazione tramite le societа BNL Vita e gli accordi di distribuzione con filiali di UGF Banca; nei servizi bancari, del risparmio gestito e del merchant banking attraverso UGF Banca, Unipol Fondi, Unipol SGR, UGF Merchant – Banca per le Imprese e UGF Leasing.
Business Line
Engaged in the provision of insurance and financial services
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Via Stalingrado 45

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40128, BOLOGNA
Phone: +39 051 609 7111
Fax: +39 051 37 5349
Country address: ITALY
Website url: www.unipol.it