Turbo-Generator unit Makila T.I 1H2B spare part

To whom it may concern

I am Mehdi Sadraei from Iranian Offshore Oil company (IOOC). we have 4 turbo-generator units in service. we would like to ask a number of spare parts of MAKILA T.I 1 H2B. For instance we need DECU and FCU. Also a detailed part list specifications is needed, because the documents were not complete. for example the name and series of ball and roll bearings that is used in accessory drive are not mentioned in manuals. for example there is a bearing 6003, but it is not mentioned the clearance of bearing c3,c4, … So please let me know if you have DECU, FCU, Oil pump and any other main part as spare part and the complete name of parts are used in accessory drive like bearings, O rings, oil seals. And it would be appreciated if let me know the prices and time delivery of them.
I look forward your kind answer.

Sincerely Yours,
Mehdi Sadraei
Bahregansar oil platform, Bushehr, Iran
Tel: +989173713488