Dear Sir
We want enter into a Sale & Purchase Agreement for the purchase of Rough Diamonds on condition
that the offered product can be delivered DAT (INCOTERMS, edition 2010) to Malca Amit at
the Free Trade Zone of Zurich International Airport (ZRH).
The following procedure is accepted by the Buyer:
1. Seller sends an exclusive and official manifest for a test delivery of 5000 cts of rough
diamonds between 10 and 25 cts, colour D – F, quality IF, VVS1, VVS2, shape sawable or
2. Seller and Buyer communicate directly after issuance of the manifest;
3. Buyer will return the signed and sealed manifest to Seller or his representative;
4. Seller arranges an official invitation by Malca Amit at Zurich International Airport for a
TTM; Proof of Funds will be presented during TTM;
5. Buyer’s gemologist shall inspect the parcel in accordance with the industry practice;
a. if verification confirms that the quality of the relevant parcel ranges within +/- 5 % of
the stated quality in the manifest and the transaction will be closed according to
the agreed terms;
b. if verification confirms that the accepted +/- 5 % quality range is exceeded, the
agreed price of the parcel has to be renegotiated;
6. If both parties have agreed on the conditions of the transaction, Seller issues a proforma
invoice and Buyer will transfer the agreed purchase price bank to bank into seller’s design account .

Sincerly yours

Behou Jean-Marie N’CHO