Sell your Oil Products

Dear Sir,
I am looking for a Seller/Refinery I can deal direct with to sell your Oil Products. I have over 300 clients/buyers I have worked with for over 17 years. I was approached by a friend of mine over 40 years that is setting up a JV Company with a major Mutual Fund to buy from me and sell Oil products to their buyers. The managing director will be my friend Mr. Busby. So I am looking for a solid seller I can count on for products. The Attorneys for the Mutual Fund are now setting up their Banking with $500 Million Dollars to start. This will be available to verify. If you are interested would you please be kind enough and email me your SCO -FOB & CIF products and procedures. This is going to be a very solid situation. Please let me hear from you soon.
John Smith
JFS International