Sea Job

Your’s shipping company is one of progressive companies in world. It is distinguishing her stability and draw attention to professionalism of labour, about that I known from my friends, which of them are working as Crew manager’s in STMA of Russia.
Now I am Chief officer with big sea experience and you are thinking about me: ” he is old for our projects “, but about that I can say you so: I am stable, fastidious in work, modest, safety first in my brain these are all urgent for me . I have not any observation during 30 years in working time at sea.
I am unemployed due to bankruptcy last shipping company , but I would like realize my sea experience in your good company, trust me , herein my sports preparation, big sea experience in mix crew (Indian, Filipinos, Greece) on ship: Cielo De Napoli, Maersk Remlin and all next vessels will help me if you will give me chance and opportunity for that, I can use it in full expedient for company advantage.