To Whom It May Concern,

With reference to above mentioned subject, We, Tsyahmi Group Sdn Bhd (#Sijil Kewangan: K22180372821783189) writing this email to you to present a business proposal, which is mutually beneficial for us and will enable to add value to your company branding.

Uniform are more than just a set of clothes, the company uniform builds brand awareness, evokes company pride and builds confidence in your customer base for your brand. We, from Tsyahmi Group Sdn. Bhd. would love to help you to fully utilise uniform capability in your company in the best way possible to benefit your company brand identity, company pride, unity and practicality for the peers. We can assist you to create design that is parallel with your company direction.

Feel free reach us via email or telco if you’re interested into this business proposal.

Have a pleasant a day ahead!!

Corporate Comm. Officer