To whomever this concerns,

I am a Mental Health Nursing student in my second year at Leeds Beckett University. For my volunteer placement, I will be travelling to Sri Lanka and working in a mental health hospital for 2 weeks in August 2018. I understand your company is established there.

Sri Lanka’s health sector has a good reputation apart from the mental health service provision (, which due to the lack of mental health resources and lack of psychological mindset in the culture, has an impact on the increase in psychological morbidity (Souza and Singh, 2005, The mental health challenge in Sri Lanka from working within the disaster area). Sri Lanka has undergone 3 decades of civil war and national disasters such as the tsunami in 2004, and more recently the landslides and floods that has killed 151 people and leaving thousands of people without homes. It is therefore no surprise that there is an increase in suicide, depression, alcoholism, and substance misuse. Sri Lanka has been recorded as the second highest suicide rate in the world during the period of 1985-1990 (Abeysinghe, 1997, cited in Kuruppuarachchi and R. R. Rajakoruna, 1999, Psychiatry in Sri Lanka).

I will be working in a mental health hospital in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The hospital has 3000 beds. I have never travelled as far as this before (I am 33years old), I will be on my own, and alongside the nature of the work I will be doing, I will be completely out of my comfort zone. I feel this experience will inspire me to become the best mental health nurse I can be both as a student and when I am qualified. I feel passionate about working particularly in Sri Lanka to broaden my knowledge, so much so that I am willing to put in the work to save and fundraise for this opportunity. I have so far raised £545 through running 10ks, walking a midnight walk, and coming to university dressed as an orange (a fellow peer’s idea!). I still need to raise a further £1455 to pay off my volunteer placement, the flights there and back, and to get my injections.

If there is any way that you will be able to help me, either through any funding, sponsorships etc, or if you have any tips to raise money or places to contact, any advice, share my gofundme page, or just to purely wish me luck, it would be hugely appreciated and mean so much to me. If there is something that you would like me to do to return the favour, e.g. advertise on my gofundme page, I am happy to do so. I also thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kind Regards

Lucy Simpson
My gofundme page is