Hello! I’m Hoijin Na from south korea

Hello! I’m Hoijin Na from south korea. I need your company’s help.
20/08/2016 I got into an car accident at Champs-Elysees in Paris. That time I taken to the hospital and I was hospitalized one night (of course I got some treatmnet)and I leave the hospital, came back Korea.
But a few days ago, I receive a bill from Paris. They say to me I must pay the treatmnet cost. But you know I’m victim of car accident.. so I send E-mail to COCHIN hospital, and They told me I must connect your company(because the attacker is your company’s client) so I send you this e-mail. and plus your clien’s name is ID HAMMOU Naila. If you want I can send you a document about the car accident!plz answer me as soon as possible..
Best Regard..