Share transfer

Dear Sir,

My mother and I hold 50 shares with Arvind Polycot ltd as joint holders vide
Folio number – APC67654
Certificate nbr – 189667
Distinctive numbers 7236601 to 7236650
additionally 50 debentures now converted to 50 shares vide:
Folio number APC67654
Certificate 189666
Distinctive numbers 7236551 to 7236600

Share holder names Poonam Sood
Padma Kuthiala

We don’t hold a DEMAT account and the share are held in a paper format.

We wish to change this to Poonam Sood as the sole share holder of the above.
Please let us know the process and documentation requirement for the same.

Look forward to hear back from you.

+91 9811102198