Global Electronics Components Distribution Industry Contact List


My name is Diane, would you be interested in using our updated and permission based B2B Database which can help you to connect with Global Electronics Components Distribution Industry Decision Makers across USA, Canada, UK & Australia.

I’d be happy to send over few Sample data for your reference and data quality check.

• Electrical Contractors/Mechanics/Technicians
• Design Engineers/Technical Management
• Equipment Manufacturers/OEMs/CEMs
• Production and Assembly Engineers
• Technical Directors/Engineer/Specialists
• Area & Regional Managers
• Channel Partners/Warehouse Manager
• Process Development Engineers
• Plant and Production Managers
• Power Suppliers/Switchboard Builder
• Service and Support Engineers
• Production Planners/Purchasing Manager
• Supply Chain/Sale & Marketing Manager

Please fill your specific target market criteria in the below mentioned format, this can help me to run counts and get back to you with additional information and benefits of our list.

Target title: _________ Target Industry: ______________ Target Geography: _____________

Thank you so much for reading my mail even in your busy schedule

Best Regards,
Diane Cameron
Chief Marketing Officer
B2B|E-mail and Data Services |USA/UK
4269 Express Lane, Sarasota, FL 34238 USA
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