Dear Sir,
At the outset I take this opportunity to introduce myself as Shreekant Kulkarni, B.E. (Met) with MBA (Op. & Fin.), having 35 yrs, experience in coal based Sponge Iron & Steel Industry at senior level. I was also G.M. (Operations) for the first ever plant for manufacture of TiO2 Slag from Ilmenite ore (M/s Saraf Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Chhatrapur, Odisha) & had successfully optimzed the production.

While working on the possibilities of utilization of the fly ash generated in our sponge iron & power plant, I have developed a very economical & eco-friendly process for Extraction of Aluminium from Fly Ash (fly ash contains 25 to 28% Al2O3) as well as other resources of Alumina like Bauxite, high silica bauxite, alumino-silicate minerals etc.

This process replaces both the Bayer’s Process for extraction of pure Alumina (Al2O3) as well as Hall-Heroult’s Process of Electrolysis of molten Alumina. (Already lot of research is being done all over the world to find alternatives to these processes due to their limitations in modern context.)

This process envisages extraction of Aluminium by Thermo-Chemical Reduction & as no electrolysis is involved, the process is very economical & eco-friendly as well as energy saver.

I have already applied for a patent of this process & I would like to develop this process further under the auspices of your esteemed organization.

Will it be possible for you to give me a chance to explain the process & discuss its merits & demerits as well as applicability with your elite management team?

Thanks n Regards,