for garment manufacturing co-operations

Good Morning,

Would like to introduce myself as Brijesh working with Texperts India Pvt Ltd based in Bombay, IMS Garments Division handling garment business,

We are interested to cooperate with you for production of garments from our different location factory basis and also export to your customer destinations for certain products that you are not able to produce at your own factory in this regard if required either of us can visit and discuss more if this type of arrangement can be workable.

We are manufacturing clothing for men and women and specialize in knitted and woven garments, our production setups are based in India, Bangladesh, China, Egypt and also Ethiopia with our production setups located in EPZ which entitles them duty free exports to Europe and USA,

Our product strengths are both in knitted as well as woven garments such as basic tops, tshirts, pull on pants, skirts, blazers, sweaters, cardigans etc. we have separate teams for yarns and fabrics, functional wear ,

Also we are continuously involved in research and developments in Textile field and have developed special blende fabric in knits & woven category, some of our fabric are Linocel, Linolook, Marltex, @Action, GreenX & Texigo., also we have manufacturing that are sustainable and strictly following international quality requirements being environment friendly.
One of our fabric branded as Linocel, is a alternative to 100% Linen, this is a blended of Linen and Lyocell yarns., the finished fabric retains looks, luster, brilliance, creasing and feel of Linen and has handle, drape of Lyocell., this is a very comfortable fabric for making tops, shirts, trousers etc., have attached Linocel leaflet with particulars for your reference also have attached some woven tops for women that goes well with this fabric.,

We will highly appreciate to hear more from your end,

thank you,

Brijesh Kumar
Texperts India Pvt Ltd,