Purchase Manager,

It was pleasure to introducing our selves as manufacturer of the Charts and Pens for the process chart recorder which are widely used on curing press for production of TIRES

These product we manufacturer and exporter to 35 ++ countries having 8 ++ OEM ( Recorder Manufacturer ) in the globe and around 5 OEM and 600 ++ end users in India, as per their specification.

Besides supplying to consumers of process recorder in various industries like oil and gas, petrochemical and chemicals, power plants, medical, etc. we are supplying to
Eight TYRE MANFACTURERS M/S APOLLO / J.K / BIRLA / BKT / MRF / CEAT / METRO / MALHOTRA / ATC and few more in India. as per their specification and requirement to suit the recorder.

We also manufacture fiber tip pens to suit the original recorder which we are supplying to process industries and above mentioned tire manufacturers.

For more details of company and products profile, please visit our site www.engentindia.com and attached file for recent developed products.

We would be happy to be associated with the world reputed organization, manufacturer like your by supplying as per your specification and requirement as per your schedule.

Please do ask for more details and samples , we will mail by courier at our cost for attention to your specified address. Please mail the details of brand and model of the recorder. In absence we will mail few samples which we regularly supply to other buyers, for your valued observation and comments.
Do ask for more details.

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