Business Introduction – YLG Bullion Singapore Pte., Ltd

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Palmmy, I am an International Marketing Executive here at YLG Bullion International Company.

Our company providing services in the physical gold bar supply segment. We are among the top 3 in the Thai market. Being virtually unknown outside of Thailand, YLG brand has been growing slowly but steadily in the South East Asian region. An example will be, YLG is able to release gold in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Indonesia, Italy, some other European regions with more locations in the future.

I would like to know that what is your main product in your business because we also have some clients from Indonesia. I’m wondering that is it possible that can you supply the gold for or can we buy the gold from your company?

It would be great if you can also inform us more about your product as well

There is any process we have to follow? Also, Term and condition to do the business with you. Please advise
Please do not hesitate to feel free to contact me back via our email address: or direct contact no. +662 687 9888 ext.232

Thank you