Tegoflux RA 0631

Dear Gentlemen from Goldschmidt: My name is Eduardo Hilsdorf. I am technical director of a the largest lead acid batteries manufacturer of South America, called Newpower (brandname Fulguris). I have worked before with Saturnia, the Brazilian branch of the German company Varta Batterie AG, when we started manufacturing in Brazil submarine batteries. Newpower acquired Saturnia, and we are re-starting the production of submarine batteries locally in Brazil. One of the production phases is constituted of a eletrolitic copper pole bridge component which receives a lead coat, through a hot galvanization process by the immersion of the copper component in a first tin hot bath at 400 o.C (66,67% of tin and 33,33% of pure lead). This bath used to be covered by one salt ( 1 cm of layer) of your product called Tegoflux RA 0631. We cannot find anymore this product locally. Questions: 1) Do you still produce this kind of Flux (supposed to be a special salt)? 2) If not, in order to ensure the aderence of the Tin-Lead layer of the first hot bath over the copper, what kind of flux do you recommend us to use? 3) Does your company have a local agent or local operations here in Brasil? 4) Can you send us the local contact? 5) In the negative case, could you provide us with a sample of the product to be imported and tested ? I inform that the forecasted consumption is around 2 tons for Y2018. Best regards, Eduardo Hilsdorf (hilsdorf@fulguris.com.br)