Mr Ogu Eric.a

Innumerable Angels Global Resources Ltd RC 1295528
19/21 Agugu Street Apapa Lagos-Nigeria
The chairman, Board of Directors,

Dear Sir,
The above named company wish to draw your attention to an existing opportunity by way of investing in the west African markets via the Nigerian window. If you wouldn’t mind , kindly peruse through the under listed insights.
A. Short or long ways / terms of investing into the west African regional markets with results.
B. Possible ways of receiving your dividends within a short period of your operations.
C. Soft ways of entering the markets without long protocols or any political Barriers / hindrances.
D. What we can do with or for your company if we relate by way of PARTHNERSHIP, (M.O.U) MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING, OR AUTHORISED MANDATESHIP. e.t.c
E. We also can reveal to your firm the benefits your company will acquire through-us than if she enters the market directly as a foreign Investor.
F. The benefits of using our links / connections to achieve your own private visions / Dreams that may not concern us.
G. To explain and expand these TRUTHS, we desire the honorable chairman with the directors of the board to study these avenues that breeds (QROT) Quick return-on investments. E.g
1. Rooms for various investment on oil and gas explorations, creating of turbine stations / refining plants, Real Estate Gold Mining, Food and Beverages Soft Drink,Flow Station Media Telecom IT and otherwise.
2. Availability of lands in hectares / Acres free from communal disputes without long royalty that you can Access.
3. Plus our various Net-works to TEST-RUN your INVESTMENT-DRIVE on establishing these relationships with all these fact we hope you can-plug-into these-mediums-while we remain expecting your response soonest.

Ogu Eric. A
Managing Director