Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are company based here in Nigeria west Africa that works as a
general trade agents.

We are every much interested to act as your agent in Nigeria for
your powder milk as we have the reach and
contacts in Nigeria and africa as whole as we have being in the business of import and export agencies or over 20 years. after studying importer agency with Wade
world Trade in England in 1996.
We want to ask if your company can prodice sachet full cream milk in a 20 gram pack. this sachet will sell like wide fire in Nigeria with a local population of over 160 million people. With the right right your company can rake in between 2.5 millions US dolars in the first years, as you supplying the mass market

we can market thousands and thousands of this sachet milk powder in 20 grams and others many of our buyer

We do not ask for ANY money upfront for any reason whatsoever but our
agreed commission after your company must have gotten your payment
ahead before shipment.payment is your prerogative to decide

Normally, we work on a 10% commission of the FOB price which is always
included in the price and we quote to our buyer client.Presently we
have a buyer that needs a quote FOB /CNF laogos Nigeria for a 20grams full milk powder sachet.

We have dealt with many company across the world, and we introduce an
American herbal anti snoring drug into Nigeria 5 years ago YSNORE.COM
and we presently represent and work for a London Beauty products

Hope to hear from your soonest as to taking this promising offer a step further

Best if Regard,

Thompson Okponobi
International trade Agencies
3rd Avenue,311 Road, E Close, Block 1, Suite 3,
Festac Town,
Nigeria ,
West africa.