Offer on cooperation

Dear Sir/Madam,
Kindly accept our warmest regards and wish further business and cultural relations between Armenia and China.
The reason of this letter is the inquiry from three armenian producing companies – ”Royal Armenia”, ”Kilikia”, ”Garni”, Aparan”, ”Noy” and ”Grand Candy” in terms of export of their products to China. Our marketing results have shown that the above mentioned companies’ products with their best qualities will have an interest in China.
As an exclusive agent of China Southern Airlines in Armenia we have an experiance in export and we are skilled with export contracts on various delivery terms FCA,CIF, CFR, FOB… In accordance with the intent of this letter we confirm that we are ready to fulfill a Chinese partner order properly and certify that in case of positive response we have signed Trilateral Agreement on the following:

”Royal Armenia”
• Hot Choco
• Instant Tea Drink
• Instant Tea Drink RA with peach taste and aroma
• Instant tea drink RA with lemon taste and aroma
• Instant tea drink with raspberry taste and aroma
• Instant tea drink RA with black currant taste and aroma.

• Beer
• Lemonade
• Natural juices and nectars and jams

” Tamara”
• Jams varities
• Preserves
• Nectars
• Juices
• Organic juices
• Organic nectars with honey
• Bio honey
• Tetra pack

” Mountain Tea”
• Tea mountain mix – milled thyme, wild mint, chamomile, herba hyperici.
• Tea pomegranate flower – Pomegranate flower, thyme, wild mint, chamomile, herba hyperici.
• Tea rose hip – Dried Rose Hips.
• Tea Thyme – Milled and loose leaf dried thyme.
• Tea Thyme + blackberry leaves – Milled and loose thyme, blackberry leaves.
• Tea wild mint – Milled and loose leaf dried Wild Mint.

• Mineral Pure water
• Lemonade

• Mineral pure water
• Lemonade

• Mineral water

We would like to note we are sending the same letter to the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan.
Hoping for the further fruitful cooperation,
Best regards,
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