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AWB Limited is a public company engaged in the management and the wholesale trade of Australian wheat. The company was established 1939 and has registered headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia. Its shares are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol AWB.
AWB Limited serves as a leading agribusiness in Australia and one of the world’s largest wheat marketing and management companies. It operates in seven segments: the Pool Management Services segment, which manages the aggregation and marketing of Australian wheat, providing commodity price and currency risk management, and the development and application of grain-related technologies; the Rural Services segment that supplies agribusiness products and services, including rural merchandise, fertilizer, livestock, wool marketing, agronomy, insurance, real estate, and rural financial services; the Landmark Financial Services segment, which provides finance and risk management products to farmers; the Harvest Finance segment that offers finance and risk management products to grain growers; the Australian Commodity Management segment, which is engaged in the trade of grains and shipping capacity, and the provision of marketing products to Australian grain growers; the International Commodity Management segment, that engages in the trading of grains and shipping capacity, and the provision of marketing products to grain growers worldwide; and the Supply Chain and Other Investments segment that develops and manages supply chain infrastructure to move grain from paddock to international customers.
AWB Limited is also active in Japan, Switzerland, China, India, Singapore, and Brazil.
Business Summary
The principal activities of the company were rural services,financial services and commodity management.
Description and history
The Company is Australia’s major national grain asset manager. Having evolved for the Australian Wheat Board, which operated as a government statutory marketing authority for 60 years, the Company is now publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 22, August, 2001. The Company registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on March 12, 1998. Its core activities are the pooling, marketing, trading, financing, risk management and logistical management of Australian wheat.

AWB (International) is the exclusive manager and marketer of all Australian bulk wheat exports through what is known as the Single Desk system. The Company also markets and trades a range of other grains including barley, sorghum and oilseeds. The Company markets wheat and other grains to more than 40 countries with a 16% global market share. The national wheat pool, managed by AWB(I), is a significant contributor to the Australian economy, accounting for around 3% of the total value of Australia s exports. The Company is much more than a grains marketer or exporter. The Company is actively involved in all facets of the grain value chain, from breeding to bakery. It researches and develops new wheat varieties for the Australian farmers, shapes and tailors the national crop to meet customer requirements and provides finance and risk management for grower customers. It is also building a strong presence in the bulk storage and handling market in eastern Australia, expanding its sea chartering business and further developing its international milling capability to secure end-user demand.

The Company is a company limited by shares, incorporated and domiciled in Australia.

On 10 December 2010, the Company was delisted from ASX at the request of the Company.

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Engaged in the management and the wholesale trade of Australian wheat
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