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Company Overview
Casino, Guichard-Perrachon Et Cie SA is a French hypermarket and supermarket operator, whose main activity is food retail distribution. Its main objective is to keep on developing local chains and give rise to mutual success.
Established in 1898, the company’s food retail distribution is done through the following divisions: French Distribution and International Distribution. The French Distribution division comprises hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets and convenience stores under the Geant Casino, Spar, Monoprix-Prisunic, Franprix and Leader Price names. The International Distribution comprises stores in America through Smart and Final Stores and Cash and Carry United Grocers, as well as in Poland, Taiwan and South America.
Casino is also involved in cafeterias and restaurants, food processing and the production of wine. The group owns 362 hypermarkets, 2,353 supermarkets, 5,799 convenience stores and 366 restaurants in 13 countries. As one of France’s leading food retailers, the company operates mainly in Europe (France and Holland); America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico and the USA); Asia (Vietnam and Thailand); and Indian Ocean.
Casino has signed an agreement with the Colombian listed Exito and Companhia Brasilereira de Distribuico (CBD), the leading Brazilian retailer. The company also entered into an affiliation agreement with the leading overseas Bourbon Group, the Sana Group, and the CNP assurances (Caisse Nationale de Prйvoyance) – a French major insurance corporation. In addition to its partnerships, Casino entered an agreement with Rallye SA, to transfer Rallye’s hypermarkets, supermarkets and cafeterias to Casino; and Corse Distribution, to set up financial, commercial and logistics relations.
Business Summary
The Company is one of the leading food distribution groups in France. Net sales (not including sold divisions) break down by activity as follows:
– distribution in France (71,7%). Net sales break down by name as follows: Gйant Casino (35.2% of net sales; 129 hypermarkets at the end of 2007), Franprix-Leader Price (21.9%; 1,141, of which 652 Franprix supermarkets et 489 Leader Price discount stores), Casino (18%; 379 supermarkets), Monoprix (9.9%; 330), and other (8.7%; 6,040 neighbourhood stores; Petit Casino, Spar, Vival and Eco Services names). The remaining sales (6.3%) are primarily from food service and Internet e-business activities;
– international distribution (28.3%): operating through 1,122 sales outlets located in Latin America (55.4% of net sales; 1,008 outlets; Libertad, Gйant, Extra, Exito, Disco, Ley brands, etc.), Asia (21.8%; 65; Big C and Leader Price) and Indian Ocean (11.8%; 49; Jumbo, Score, Cash & Carry, Spar, etc.).
Net sales (not including sold divisions) are distributed geographically as follows: France (71.7%), Latin America (18.8%), Asia (6.2%), and Indian Ocean (3.3%).

Description and history
The Company active through the following divisions:
– FRENCH DISTRIBUTION: hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets and convenience stores under the Geant, Casino, Spar, Monoprix-Prisunic, Franprix and Leader Price names;
– INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION: in America through Smart and Final Stores and Cash and Carry United Grocers as well as in Poland, Taiwan and South America.
The company is also involved in cafeterias and restaurants, food processing and the production of wine – it owns 154 hypermarkets, 1813 supermarkets, 3490 convenience stores and 229 restaurants.

1898-Openning of the first branch in Veauche(loire) and founding on 2nd August of Societe des magasins du Casino.
1901-Released of the first Casino branch product.
1914-Casino had 460 Branches up and running in the Saint-Etienne aera and Clermond Ferrand too. 195 affiliates
1925 – The first external growth operation.
Casino took over L’Epargne, a chain of branches in the Toulouse region. Thanks to this take-over, the rose-pink city became a Casino stronghold: the group still possesses more than 100 branches there. Geoffroy Guichard took over L’Epargne in his own name. In the 1970s, Casino was to buy L’Epargne from the Guichard family in exchange for increased participation in the group. This gave the heirs of Geoffroy Guichard control of slightly more than 40% of the capital.
1925 – Creation of Casino Magazine. Casino Magazine, which without any doubt was one of the first in-house magazines in history, was designed for all involved in the company, employees and shop managers.
25th October 1925 – Retirement of Geoffroy Guichard. Although Geoffroy Guichard officially left the management of the company to his children, he could not refrain from taking a close interest in the progress of affairs, even if he did make efforts to intervene as little as possible.
1927 – 17th May: Casino’s Sports Association merged with the ‘Amical Sporting Club’ under the name ‘Association Sportive Stephanoise’. 27th June: first registration of the Casino brand for all products, both food and non-food. Casino was now operating 850 branches and 500 concessions.
1928 – Introduction of calendar numbers on products.
1929 – A vegetable tinning factory set up in Orange. On 25th October, Geoffroy Guichard retired, nominating his children as managers. Casino was then operating 20 factories, 9 warehouses, 998 branches and 505 concessions. Geoffroy Guichard made a long-term loan (at one franc per year) of his land at Etivalliere, where the stadium bearing his name was to be built
1930 – Journey to the United States. Geoffroy Guichard and his two sons Mario and Jean set off to investigate American retailing. They discovered cash registers, chill cabinets, fixed-price stores, self-service and much more.
1931 – Adoption of a Casino emblem: the Casino grocer. This stylized little figure was then associated with all the Casino’s communication. He was abandoned a few years later – but has now reappeared on the group’s web site! The slogan read: ‘I am everywhere. I sell everything’.
1933 – In parallel to the ‘Association Sportive Stephanoise’, the ASSE was created, for football alone; it obtained permission to employ professional players. The two clubs merged.
1934 – 1,587 branches: Avignon, Marseilles and the Cote d’Azur were now included. Opening of a warehouse in Marseilles. The Foundation was set up by M. and Mme Geoffroy Guichard to give assistance to large families.
1939 – Just before the second world war, Casino was operating 1,670 branches and 839 concessions
26 April 1940 – Death of Geoffroy Guichard.
This event caused profound emotion throughout the company, which was very paternalistic in character. Mario Guichard succeeded his father.
1940/45 – Casino suffered severely in the war.
70 employees were killed, several warehouses and 70 branches were destroyed. In all, 450 stores were damaged.
27th October 1948 – Casino brought in the era of self-service after another visit to the United States by its managers.
It was, of course, the historic shop in Saint-Etienne, in the Rue des Jardins (now named the Rue Michel Rondet) which first put this new method of selling into practice.
1949 – Installation of the first chill cabinets in the branches.
1950 – Delivery of chilled products by the first insulated ‘white lorries’.
1957 – Opening of a ‘large’ store in Nice.
With 235 square metres of selling area, it was the group’s largest store. The first true supermarket was to open 3 years later in Grenoble.
1959 – Calendar numbers on products replaced by straightforward sell-by dates.
1960 – 18th May: opening of the first supermarket, in Grenoble. The company was then employing 2,900 people. .
1961 – The first entirely air-conditioned warehouse at Grigny, and opening of a coffee roasting unit at Marseilles.
1964 – Opening of the Marseille-Mourepiane chilled goods warehouse. .
1965 – Grocery warehouse set up at Toulouse Fenouillet. .
1967 – The first Casino cafeteria opened at Saint-Etienne Ratarieux in December.
1970 – 25th March: the first hypermarket (16,000 sq.m.) opened at Marseilles La Valentine. Establishment in the Paris area initiated with two supermarkets, at St-Denis and Bagneux. Public Offer of Exchange issued on l’Epargne in Toulouse.
1971 – The Group was now operating 2,575 sales outlets. Opening of Sabim slaughterhouses and deep-freeze warehouses at Sable in the Sarthe.
1972 – ‘Grocery/liquids’ warehouse opened at Toulouse-Fenouillet and another at Aix-en-Provence.
1975 – In June, the new Saint-Etienne ‘Verpilleux’ warehouse replaced the establishments in Lyons and Saint-Etienne for groceries and liquids.
1976 – Arrival of Casino in the U.S.A. with the launch of a chain of cafeterias. Extension of head office premises with the well-known overhead walkway.
1978 – Launch of a chain of large Do-It-Yourself stores under the name of Somabri, and a chain of hamburger restaurants under the Quick banner, in association with G.B. INNO b.m. (a Belgian company).
1981 -Second slaughterhouse opened at Saint-Maixent (Deux-Sevres): SABIM Saint-Maixent.
1982 -Initial holding (35%) taken in Hippopotamus, a chain of theme restaurants. Launch of the network of affiliates ‘L’Epicier Casino’ (The Casino Grocer).
1983 -Foundation of the Chais Beaucairois company (LCB) operating bottling plants at Beaucaire and Lyons. In October, opening of the chilled goods warehouse at Toulouse Fenouillet.
1984 – Casino increased its holding in Hippopotamus to 50%. Take-over in the U.S.A. of a chain of 90 wholesale-retail stores under the ‘Smart & Final’ banner (SFI). Opening of the Molina warehouse in Saint-Etienne in the former Manufrance warehouse. Somabri took an 80% holding in the capital of the Obi France company (the DIY stores adopted the Obi banner). Innovation by Casino with the launch of its dual promise: ‘Satisfaction, or double your money back’ on Casino products (over 1,500 lines now on offer).
1985 -In April, Casino took control of Cedis (sales worth 7.5 billion francs), a retail company in eastern France, and became a member of Paridoc. The 23 Geant Casino stores now totalled 160,000 sq.m. of sales area. Casino was also operating 87 cafeterias, as well as 42 Quick et 13 Hippopotamus restaurants.
1986 –
26th January : 3.500 staff reported present to form the largest human logo on the grass of the Geoffroy Guichard stadium. Take-over by France Quick of the Paris fast-food company O’Kitch.
December: signature by Casino of an agreement with the Saint-Etienne Museum of Modern Art, providing for the company to donate 3 million francs per year for four years. Creation of Carmag as a equal joint venture with Elf France (‘Convenience Stores ‘in the filling stations).
1987 –
May :Association with Wagons-Lits and set-up of a joint subsidiary called France Plats Cuisines.
June :launch of Casino Chances, with a donation of a million francs per year. Purpose: to aid young entrepreneurs to start up businesses. Casino awarded the Oscar for Patronage by Admical.
October :Casino became patron of the Comedie de Saint-Etienne theatre (700,000 F per year for five years).
December : inauguration of the Museum of Modern Art.
1988 –
May : association with Wagons-Lits to operate motorway restaurants (Soberba). July: take-over of Free-Time by France-Quick.
1989 –
18th May:signature of the Casino/Ahold/Argyll partnership agreement. Casino now undertook the largest operation of increase of capital in its history with the issue of bonds convertible into share subscription options to a value of 2 billion francs.
July : Withdrawal from Paridoc. 5th September: foundation of the European Retail Alliance (E.R.A.) and cross-shareholdings of 50 million ECU’s taken with Ahold in the Netherlands and the Argyll Group Plc in the United Kingdom. Creation of Associated Marketing Service AG (A.M.S.)with participation, in addition to E.R.A., by Dansk Supermarked (Denmark), La Rinascente (Italy), ICA (Sweden) et Migros (Switzerland), followed by Kesko (Finland) and Mercadona (Spain).
9th October :Casino’s 65% majority holding in Obi sold to the Castorama Group.
17th November :Purchase by Casino of Carrefour’s Cran and Parmelan supermarkets in Annecy and sale to Carrefour of the Geant Casino in Nantes.
1990 –
7th March :inauguration of the Institut Pierre Guichard (management training institute) in St-Etienne.
17th April :acquisition by Casino of La Ruche Meridionale (with the banners L’Univers, Sodim, La Ruche, Sodi, Cantelaube and Aquarelle) from C.F.A.O, the whole representing annual sales worth 8 billion francs. 19th April: modification of the legal structure of Casino, with no change to its status as a Company Limited by Shares. Termination of Branch Managers’ status as active partners. Constitution of SARL Eurosia, sole Active Partner.
8th November :acquisition by Casino U.S.A. of a food wholesaler, ‘Port Stockton Food Distributors’, leading to the creation of an SFI subsidiary, ‘Casino American Food Service’.
14th December : sale to Agip and Shell of the fuel retailing business in Casino hypermarkets and supermarkets. Agip and Shell to operate 82 and 90 service stations respectively and display their banners from the beginning of 1991. Functioning of the stations would continue with Casino staff, in the framework of two long-term service agreements.
1991 – 9th January :all business activities transformed into subsidiaries, with Casino SCA as the holding company for the Group. 30th July: S.F.I. shares introduced on to the stock exchange at the rate of $19. Casino U.S.A’s holding in the capital of SFI reduced from 87% to 51%.
17th September : France Plats Cuisines sold to BSN. 3rd October: signature of an agreement with the unions. Introduction of a ‘Casino SCA share subscription option’ reserved to staff, maturing on 1st October 1996. By this date, staff should hold 11.2% of Casino voting shares (before the contribution of Rallye).
18th, 19th and 20th December :operation ‘Tous Commercants’. The 1,000 employees working in the different departments of head office in Saint-Etienne go into the stores.
1992 –
3rd January : the Francap purchasing centre sold to its affiliates. 10th February: the Hippopotamus Group, held 50% by Casino and 50% by Christian Guignard, sold to the Flo group.
20th March : signature with Cofinoga of an agreement providing for the development of a new cash and credit card called ‘Carte Casino’. It would offer the choice of cash or credit payment together with a package of services: interest-earning savings and insurance and leisure products, both in the Group’s hypermarkets and supermarkets and in the 15,000 sales outlets of the Cofinoga network. But the 1.5 million holders of the Cofinoga card would also be able to use this in Casino’s hypermarkets and supermarkets. 23rd March: sale of the Grigny Frais company to the Soufflet Group. 25th March, sale of the Agevi company (a meat packing unit in Agen) to the Arcadie Group. 30th March: sale of the Saint-Maixent slaughterhouse to the Cana Group.
3rd April : sale of a minority holding in the Sogerba company to the Wagons-Lits Group.
9th June : agreement between Rallye SA and Casino SCA. Rallye’s hypermarkets, supermarkets and cafeterias would come to Casino. In exchange, Rallye would receive Casino shares issued on this occasion. The new Group would comprise: 101 hypermarkets, 480 supermarkets, 2,344 ‘superettes’ and 221 cafeterias. It would employ more than 57,000 people and attain sales in the order of 58 billion francs net. 11th June: creation of the Casino Enterprise Foundation and endowment of the Antoine Guichard prize. Renewal for a further period of three years of the partnership agreement with the Museum of Modern Art and the Comedie de Saint-Etienne. 30th June: sale of the chocolate, jams and spices business of the Societe Alimentaire du Forez to Excella Holding SA. Sale of the Camasa company’s coffee roasting business to the German group Union Kaffe.
16th July : transfer to Quick Restaurants SA of Casino’s 50% holding in France Quick. At the same time, institutional investors subscribed to an increase in the capital of Quick Restaurants SA of 1.7 billion BEF. The GIP Group, which was to manage the new organization, held 57.5% of Quick Restaurant SA, Casino held 21.5% and the institutional investors 21%.
7th September : signature by Casino and the Corse Distribution group of an affiliation and banner franchise agreement. The Corse Distribution group’s business earned 6 billion francs from operation of a network of wholly owned or franchised stores in Corsica, south-eastern France and the Alps, served by two warehouses situated at Vitrolles and Chambery. This agreement was to take effect on 1st January 1993.
23rd October :Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of Casino SCA to ratify the Rallye-Casino agreements.
3rd November : Casino Group shareholders approve a merger with the Rallye Group at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
December : SFI set up a joint venture with the Fimbres family of Mexico, owners of Central Detallista SA, the largest food retailing company in the States of Baja California and Sonora in Mexico. This company operated stores situated all along the frontier between Mexico and the United States (California and Arizona). The two companies joined forces to set up and develop a new company which would operate stores under the SFI banner in Mexico. Central Detallista, with sales of about 300 million USD, was owner of two subsidiaries, one at Calimax, where it operated 33 stores, the other at Bodegon, where it operated 9 food warehouses. The new company planned to open 9 warehouse stores under the Smart & Final banner in the north of Mexico, the first three to be opened during 1993.
1993 –
4th October : presentation at Marseille La Valentine of the Group’s new banners, corresponding to segmentation into three networks of stores, each with its own identity and price policy. Hypermarkets: Geant. Convenience: Casino, Petit Casino. Restaurants: Casino Cafeteria. Sale of Imperator processed pork meats to the Ducatel group and of the Societe Alimentaire du Forez to the Excella group.
1994 –
October :Transformation of the legal status of the Company Limited by Shares into a Limited Liability Company with Management Board and Supervisory Board.
December :Foundation of the Polish company ‘Domy Towarowe Casino’ (‘Casino Large Stores’) held 100% by Casino SA. The first hypermarket was planned for the end of 1996 in Warsaw. Two more were scheduled to open in 1997 in Warsaw and Cracow.
1995 –
6th April : conclusion of an agreement between Casino and Corse Distribution establishing financial, commercial and logistical links, after the creation by Corse Distribution of the two companies Codim 2 and Medis, held 50% by Casino and 50% by Corse Distribution.
September : Opening of Casino’s first supermarket overseas in St-Denis on Reunion Island.
November :signature by the Casino Group of an affiliation agreement with Francap Distribution in order to strengthen its purchasing power.
1996 –
3rd Januaryr :conclusion of a partnership agreement between Cooperateurs de Normandie-Picardie and the Casino Group, consecutive to the affiliation contract which had united the two groups since 1993. This agreement covered the franchise of the Geant banner for the stores in Grand Quevilly and Abbeville and the take-over by Casino of the hypermarket in Amiens.
20th February :sale by ERA members Casino, Argyll and Ahold to institutional investors of their cross-holdings: 5.2% of the capital of Casino, 5.7% of Ahold and 2.7% of Argyll.
4th March :foundation of the Spar France company to develop the Spar banner for independent convenience stores. This was a Limited Liability Company, its shareholders being: Casino France (65% of the capital), Mariault (15%), IPAG (Spar International 10%), Medis and SADA (5% each). 7th March, the Casino Group and Dairy Farm International, Asia’s largest supermarket group, set up a 50-50 jointly owned subsidiary to develop hypermarkets in Taiwan.
April :First wave of recruitment of ‘customer-experts’. A marketing operation aiming to recruit 10,000 customer-experts, their mission being to taste and give their opinion on Casino-brand products.
6th September :Antoine Guichard was succeeded as Chairman of the Management Board by Georges Plassat, then vice-chairman. Antoine Guichard took a seat on the Supervisory Board.
6th November :the service stations sold to AGIP 6 years previously bought back by Casino. 27th November: opening of Casino’s first Polish hypermarket in Warsaw: Geant King Cross.
23rd December : the Casino Group and the Monoprix Group – a subsidiary of Galeries Lafayette – concluded a partnership agreement covering co-operation on a variety of aspects of purchasing and logistics.
1997 – January :sponsorship by the Group of the professional cycling team ‘Casino is Your Team!’
February : acquisition by Casino of the whole of Medis, subsidiary of the Corse Distribution group, comprising the logistical business and the franchise of the banners Timy, Cali, Prety, Etoiles des Alpes and Spar, developed in the south of France. In partnership with Shell France, launch of the multi-banner loyalty programme ‘Club Avantages’. The loyalty card, valid in Casino supermarkets and cafeterias, awards ‘advantage points’, convertible into hotel accommodation, purchase vouchers, gifts, etc.
March : Signature of a partnership and franchise agreement with Disco (Uruguay) for operation of the first Geant hypermarket in Montevideo, its opening planned for 1999.
May :after the departure of Georges Plassat on 6th May, nomination of Christian Couvreux as new Chairman of the Management Board.
23rd July : opening of Casino’s second Polish hypermarket in Warsaw: Geant Ursynow. 1st September: hostile take-over bid by Promodes for Casino at 340 F per share. On 3rd July, acquisition by Casino of the Franprix and Leader Price banners from TLC Beatrice, making Casino the second largest integrated retailing business in France. On 12th July, Rallye, with the support of Casino, unveiled a counter-offer in opposition to the hostile bid by Promodes .
This was rejected on 24th July by the Financial Markets Council (CMF). On 25th July, Promodes increased its offer to 375 F per Casino share. On the 26th, Rallye reformulated its offer, this time validated by the CMF. On the 30th, Casino took over Mariault, a company generating sales of 1 billion francs and supplying more than 600 stores in Greater Western France under the Spar, Vival and Coccinelle banners.
10th October: with the help of Casino, purchase of Prisunic by Monoprix with the acquisition of a 21.4% holding in the capital of this new high-street retailing combine. This represented a major advance for the Group, with Prisunic joining its purchasing centre. Casino also acquired 58.5% of Sofigep, a company owning and operating 41 Franprix and/or Leader Price supermarkets in the Paris area. On 13th October, Promodes and Rallye brought opposing legal actions against each other’s offers.
On 21st October, in response to an appeal by the central union organization of the Group, 12,000 people demonstrated in Saint-Etienne, to rebuff Promodes. Every unit of the enterprise was represented. On the 29th, the CMF authorized Rallye to exercise its subscription vouchers on Casino. Rallye now held 48% of Casino’s voting rights.
12th November: opening of Casino’s third Polish hypermarket in Cracow.
26th December: the signature of an agreement between Promodes and Rallye brought an end to the legal action. Casino became a member of the international non-food purchasing centre of Promodes. Casino was to transfer 50% of Geant Polska to Promodes and Promodes was to transfer to Casino 50% of a subsidiary operating hypermarkets in a country similar to Poland.
1998 – 16th January :closure of the Promodes offer.
17th April :Shell and Casino signed a partnership agreement under the terms of which Shell would obtain supplies through Casino’s purchasing centre, while Casino would bring Shell its merchandising and marketing know-how. The purpose of this partnership was to develop a new concept adapted to each type of service station (urban, motorway, etc.). This would be set up in Select Cafe shops (in urban filling stations) and would subsequently be extended to the other stations in the Shell network, including those on motorways. For Shell, the purpose of this partnership is to develop a proximity service even better adapted to the new habits of the consumer. 19th April: Casino and Cora announced the projected merger of their purchasing operations in a single new company, Opera, in which both groups would be parity shareholders. The primary mission of Opera would be to buy foods (except for traditional fresh produce) and non-food goods (except for fuels) in national, retailer and tertiary brands.
3rd May :Casino signed a ‘transport charter’ with seven companies. This charter governs the rules of operation of the service providers and commits each party to respect the legislation in force. Three points in particular are emphasized: respect for the rules of safety and working conditions, quality of service and communication, and increased productivity.
1st June :creation of Casino Entreprise, a subsidiary responsible for pursuing the Group’s diversification by means of new commercial concepts (Imagica, Komogo) and electronic commerce. 8th June: Immobiliere Casino inaugurates its first renovated shopping mall at Annecy Seynod. The aim: to make shopping malls a second motor (in tandem with the hypermarket) of the shopping centre. 9th June, launch of the first shop under the Imagica banner (Casino Entreprise) in the mall of Annecy Seynod Geant (digital photographic processing in less than 1 hour and at lower prices than the competition). Objective: to renew all existing photo mini-labs and, over a period, to open between 100 and 150 Imagica shops in different parts of France. 17th June, signature by Casino and union representatives of the agreement on the 35-hour week. 17th June, Geant puts the Internet in the shopping trolleys free, with Freesbee. This access provider was chosen by Geant for its qualities of speed and simplicity of access. In fact, Freesbee offers surfers an extremely efficient service: optimum speed and access without subscription at the price of a local telephone call.
6th July :the Casino Group concludes a strategic development agreement with Exito, a Colombian group quoted on the stock exchange, with a view to sustaining its future growth in the countries of the Andean Pact (Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica and Panama). Under the terms of this agreement, Casino will hold 25% of the capital, thereby becoming Exito’s major strategic partner. 31st July, the ASSE opened the football season with the ‘Geant’ logo on their shirts (‘les Verts’ have been wearing Casino colours since 1968). in the same month: opening of a 30,000 sq.m. warehouse in Lodz (Poland).
9th August : the Casino Group concluded an agreement with Companhia Brasileira de Distribuicao (CBD), one of the two leaders in Brazilian food retailing, operating under the banners Extra, Pao de Acucar, Barateiro and Eletro. After the Exito agreement, this makes Casino the operator, directly or indirectly, of the second largest retail network in Latin America, with 70 hypermarkets, 368 supermarkets and 104 specialist supermarkets or popular stores.
9th August 9, Casino signed an affiliation contract with the Sana group with the aim of developing a network of hypermarkets under the Geant banner in the ‘Gulf Co-operation Countries’ of the Middle East (Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia). The first Geant should be open before the end of the year 2000 (ten more are planned over the next five years). On the 18th, opening of Geant stores in Warsaw-Janki and Lodz (Poland).
1st September :Casino launched its first electronic shopping site,, (a food site) in Lyons only, based on a platform situated in the Lyons urban area (4,000 food products are on offer for home delivery to netsurfers). 8th September, Casino Entreprise inaugurated its first multimedia centre, named Komogo (Kilo-Octet, Mega-Octet, Giga-Octet) at the Geant in Rennes St-Gregoire. This new concept is positioned on the growth market of telephones, software, microcomputing and multimedia. Objective: to open 25 Komogo shops by 2003, fifteen of them in Ile-de-France. 15th September, Geant Polska opened a new hypermarket in Torun. 29th September, the first Uruguayan hypermarket opened in Montevideo, the capital. This Geant, with 11,000 square metres of selling area, was inaugurated in person by the President of the Republic of Uruguay and Antoine Guichard. 29th September: the hypermarket division launched its ‘Referendum Geant’ operation, under which its stores ran offers on Desjoyaux swimming pools and Phenix houses in October, and Formula 1 driving courses in November. 30th September, opening of the 8th Libertad hypermarket in San Juan (Argentina). Casino announced its involvement in environmentally friendly farming through a range of products with the ‘Terre et Saveur’ label (35 lines in fruit and vegetables and 2 in bakery products).
7th October :Casino’s subsidiary SABIM sold to the ABC group (Alliance, Bigard, Charal). The main purpose of this transfer, a logical step for Casino as a retailer: to endow Sabim with the resources to ensure its continued development in the longer term. In addition, the partnership between the two groups would be continued and optimized by regional adaptation of the butchery offer in Geant and Casino stores. 20th October: opening of two Geant stores at Wroclaw and Szczecin (Poland). After its organic products, Casino launched a new product range under a private label called ‘Saveurs Gourmandes’.
17th November: Geant Polska’s 11th Polish hypermarket opened in Katowice, Saint-Etienne’s twin town. December: end of the partnership with the cycling team ‘ Casino is Your Team!’ 8th November: opening of the first Petit Casino in inner Paris, near Sacre Coeur and Montmartre (17 convenience stores were opened in 1999 in Ile-de-France).
2000 1st January :every employee of Casino France received a private shopping card granting him or her a 5% discount on all purchases made in the following outlets of the Group: Geant, Casino, Petit Casino stores accepting credit cards, Komogo and Original, simple and exclusive, this card also entitles the holder to a 10% discount in Imagica shops and de 25% in the Casino cafeterias.
2001:- Opening of a Geant Hypermarket in Bahrain( Persian Gulf) with a surface aera of 11.000m2.
Casino created’Les Ecoles du Soleil’, the international association for humanitarian and aid programmes dedicated to children’s education in France and abroad(France, Venezuela, Thailand, Columbia.)
Casino signed an agreement with the leading overseas Bourbon Group after which it obtained a 33.34% share in the Vindemia retail branch set up in Reunion, Madagascard, Mayotte, Mauristius and Vietnam.
2002-Casino acquired a 38.7% holding in the Laurus Capital.
CasinoCafeteria startedup a catering business for compagnies with its R2C subsidiary.
Opening of the first two Leader Price stores in Thailand.
The Auchan and Casino groups announced the creation of their International Retail and Trades Services.
The convenience branch opened its thousandth Vival store.
2003- Casino published its first Sustainable Deeloppement Report.
2004-Laurus, 38% owned by the Casino Group, inaugurates a new discount supermarket concept: Edah Lekker & Laag.
Casino Cafeteria and Total enter a franchise agreement to open restaurants on the Frech motoways.
Opening of the first hypermarket of Saudi Arabia in Ryad.
Inauguration of the first Casitalia, a local grocery store offering a thousand Italian products.
ADMIC, affiliate of the Casino Group, opens its first Geant hypermarket of 11000 m2 in Beirut, the Lebanon.
January-february: Opening in Toulouse Basso Cambo of a store testing a new concept: Geant Discount.
The Casino Supermarkets branch forms a subsadiary, Casino Franchise opening the 1st Hyper Casino in la Varenne Saint Hilaire(94).
March: Jean-Charles Naouri, until now Chairman of the Board of Director, is unanimously appointed Chief Executive Officier of the Group’s Board of Directors.
Partnership with the Swiss retailler, Margo, whose eleven hypermakets are poised to take on the HyperCasino or Super Casino banners according to the surface aera along with several thousand Casino brand products.
Geant opens a hypermarket in Dubai.
April:La Caissse d’Epargne joins forces with Casino, galeries Lafayette and SNCF in the S’Miles Custumer loyalty alliance.
May: Casino acquires co-control of the CBD group, leading food retailler in Brasil.
Casino becomes the majority shareholder of Vindemia, retail leader of the Indian Ocean and boots its interest to 70%.
Mercialys, the group’s land subsidiary goes public with succes.
Inauguration of the Geant Friminy boasting a new discount hypermarket concept: ‘hyper with 100% low prices every day’
November: casino annouced the introduction of ’emily’, a leveraged employee share ownership plan with capital protection.
December: Casino increased its holding in Banque Casino to 60%.

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La Compagnie gиre des hyper et supermarchйs ainsi que des magasins. Il dispose aussi de restaurants et d’une activitй viticole. Casino gиre des entrepots aux Etats-Unis et vend des produits frais en Amerique et au Mexique. La Sociйtй propose йgalement des crйdits а court terme а ses clients, а des activitйs de publicitй et de sponsoring, ainsi que des investissements immobiliers.

1998:-Fondation de La Sociйtй par Geoffroy Guichard et ouverture de la premiиre succursale.
1901:-Lancement des premiers produits а marque Casino.
1914: La Sociйtй exploite 460 succursales et 195 concessions.
1925 – Premiere opйration de croissance externe.
La Sociйtй reprend l’Epargne, une chaine а succursales implantйe dans la rйgion toulousaine. Grвce а cette reprise, la ville rose devient le fief des succursales Casino : aujourd’hui Le Groupe y possиde plus de 100 succursales. Geoffroy Guichard a repris L’Epargne a titre personnel. Dans les annйes 1970, La Sociйtй rachиtera L’Epargne а la famille Guichard moyennant une augmentation de sa participation dans le groupe. Les hйritiers de Geoffroy Guichard contrфlent alors un peu plus de 40% du capital.
1925 – Crйation de Casino Magazine. Sans aucun doute l’une des premiиres revues internes de l’histoire.Casino Magazine s’adresse а tous les collaborateurs, employйs et gйrants.
25 octobre 1925 – Geoffroy Guichard se retire.
S’il laisse officiellement la direction а ses enfants, il ne peut s’empкcher de suivre la marchй des affaires. Il assiste toujours aux rйunions journaliиres, mкme s’il s’efforce d’intervenir le moins possible.
– Mai : Le 17, l’Association Sportive du Casino fusionne avec l’Amical Sporting Club sous le nom d’Association Sportive Stephanoise. Juin :
-Le 27 premier dйpфt franзais de la marque Casino pour tous les produits alimentaires et non alimentaires. La Sociйtй exploite 850 succursales, 500 concessions.
– Crйation des quantiаmes sur les produits.
– Crйation d’une fabrique de conserves de lйgumes а Orange. Octobre : Le 25, Geoffroy Guichard prend sa retraite, ses enfants sont nommйs gйrants. La Sociйtй exploite 20 usines,9 entrepots, 998 succursales et 505 concessions. Prкt а long terme (un franc par an) par Geoffroy Guichard de son terrain de l’Etivalliere, ou sera construit le stade portant son nom.Prкt а long terme (un franc par an) par Geoffroy Guichard de son terrain de l’Etivalliere, ou sera construit le stade portant son nom.
– Voyage aux Etats-Unis. Geoffroy Guichard et ses deux fils Mario et Jean partent a la dйcouverte du commerce amйricain. Ils dйcouvrent les caisses enregistreuses, les meubles refrigйres, les magasins а prix fixe, le libre-service…
– La Sociйtй se dote d’un emblиme : l’йpicier Casino. Ce bonhomme stylise est alors toujours associй а la communication de l’enseigne. Abandonne quelques annйes plus tard, il fait sa rйapparition sur le site web du groupe ! Le slogan йtait : ‘Je suis partout. Je vends de tout ‘
– Parallиrement a l’Association Sportive Stephanoise est crййй, pour le football seulement, l’ASSE, qui obtient l’autorisation d’utiliser des joueurs professionnels. Les deux associations fusionnent.
1934 – 1 587 succursales : Avignon, Marseille et la Cote d’Azur sont atteints. Ouverture d’un entrepot a Marseille. Crйation de la Fondation de M. et Mme Geoffroy Guichard en faveur des familles nombreuses.
– La Sociйtй, juste avant la seconde guиrre mondiale, exploite 1 670 succursales et 839 concessions.
26 avril 1940
– Dйcиs de Geoffroy Guichard.
L’йmotion est alors grande dans une entreprise qui йtait trиs paternaliste. Mario Guichard lui succиde
1940/45 – Casino paye un lourd tribut a la guиrre.
70 employйs sont tuйs, plusieurs entrepфts et 70 succursales sont dйtruits. Globalement, 450 magasins sont endommagйs.
27 octobre 1948 – Casino inaugure l’иre du libre-service aprиs un nouveau voyage des gйrants aux Etats-Unis.
C’est naturellement le magasin historique de Saint-Etienne, rue des Jardins (actuellement rue Michel Rondet) qui met le premier en pratique cette nouvelle forme de vente.
1949 – Mise en place des premiers meubles а froid en succursale.
1950 – Livraison des produits frais par les premiers ‘ camions blancs ‘ isothermes.
1957- Ouverture d’un ‘grand’ magasin a Nice.
Sur 235 m2, c’est le plus grand magasin du groupe. Le premier veritable supermarche ouvre 3 ans plus tard a Grenoble.
1959 – Les dates limitйs de vente en clair remplacent les quantiиmes sur les produits.
1960- Mai : Le 18, ouverture du premier supermarchй а Grenoble. La sociйte emploie 2 900 personnes. .
1961 – Premier entrepфt produits frais entiиrement climatise a Grigny et mise en service de l’usine de torrefaction de Marseille.
1964- Ouverture de l’entrepot produits frais de Marseille-Mourepiane. .
1965 – Crйation de l’entrepot йpicerie de Toulouse Fenouillet. .
1967 – La premiаre cafйteria Casino ouvre а Saint-Etienne Ratarieux, au mois de dйcembre.
1970 – Mars : Le 25, ouverture du premier hypermarchй (16.000 m2) а Marseille La Valentine. Dйbut de l’implantation en rйgion parisienne avec deux supermarchйs а St-Denis et Bagneux. Lancement d’une O.P.E. (Offre Publique d’Echange) sur l’Epargne de Toulouse.
1971 – Le Groupe exploite 2 575 points de vente. Ouverture des abattoirs et entrepots frigorifiques de Sabim a Sable dans la Sarthe.
1972 – Crйation de l’entrepot ‘ epicerie/liquides ‘ de Toulouse-Fenouillet et de celui d’Aix-en-Provence. .
1975 – En juin, ouverture de l’entrepot de Saint-Etienne ‘Verpilleux’ en remplacement des йtablissements de Lyon et Saint-Etienne pour l’epicerie/liquides.
1976- La Sociйtй s’implante aux U.S.A. en lancant une chaine de cafйterias. Extension du siиge social avec sa cйlйbrй ‘ passerelle ‘.
1978 – Lancement d’une chaine de grandes surfaces de bricolage a l’enseigne Somabri et d’une chaine de hamburgers-restaurants a l’enseigne Quick en association avec G.B. INNO b.m. (societe belge).
1981 – Ouverture d’un second abattoir a Saint-Maixent (Deux-Sevres) : SABIM Saint-Maixent.
1982- Premiere participation (a hauteur de 35 %) dans Hippopotamus, chaine de restaurants a thиme. Lancement du rйseau d’affilies ‘L’Epicier Casino ‘.
1983- Crйation de la sociйte des Chais Beaucairois (LCB) а partir des centres d’embouteillage de Beaucaire et de Lyon. En octobre, ouverture de l’entrepot produits frais de Toulouse Fenouillet.
1984 – La Sociйtй porte а 50 % sa participation dans Hippopotamus. Rachat aux U.S.A. d’une chaine de 90 magasins de semi-gros а l’enseigne ‘ Smart & Final ‘ (SFI). Ouverture de l’entrepot de Molina a Saint-Etienne dans l’ancien entrepot Manufrance. Somabri prend une participation de 80 % dans le capital de la societe Obi France (les magasins de bricolage adoptent l’enseigne Obi ). La Sociйtй innove en lancant sa double garantie ‘ Satisfait ou rembourse 2 fois ‘ sur les produits Casino (plus de 1.500 references repertoriees).
1985 -En avril, prise contrфle de la Cedis (7,5 milliards de C.A.), sociйte de distribution de l’est de la France, et adhйsion а Paridoc. Les 23 Gйant Casino ouverts totalisent 160.000 m2 de surface de vente. La Sociйtй exploite 87 cafeterias, 42 Quick et 13 Hippopotamus.
Janvier : le 26, 3.500 collaborateurs repondent ‘prйsent’ pour former le plus grand logo humain sur la pelouse du stade Geoffroy Guichard. France Quick prend le controle de la societe parisienne de fast-food O’Kitch.
Decembre : La Sociйtй signe une convention avec le Musee d’Art Moderne de Saint-Etienne et versera 3 millions de francs par an pendant quatre ans. Creation de Carmag a parite avec Elf France (‘Convenience Stores ‘ dans les stations).
Mai : Association avec Wagons-Lits et creation d’une filiale commune appelйe France Plats Cuisines.
Juin : La Sociйtй Chances est lancee avec dotation d’un million de francs par an. Objet : aider les jeunes createurs d’entreprise. La Sociйtй recoit l’Oscar du Mecenat decerne par l’Admical.
Octobre : La Sociйtй devient mecene de la Comйdie de Saint-Etienne (700 000 F par an pendant 5 ans).
Decembre : Inauguration du Musйe d’Art Moderne.
1988 Mai : Association avec Wagons-Lits pour la restauration sur autoroute (Soberba). Juillet : France-Quick prend le controle de Free-Time.
Mai : Le 18, signature de l’accord de partenariat Casino/Ahold/Argyll. La Sociйtй procede a la plus importante augmentation de ses fonds propres de son histoire par l’emission d’obligations convertibles a bons de souscription d’actions pour 2 milliards de francs.
Juillet : Retrait de Paridoc. Septembre : Le 5, creation de l’European Retail Alliance (E.R.A.) et prises de participations croisees de 50 millions d’ecus avec Ahold aux Pays-Bas et Argyll Group Plc au Royaume-Uni. Creation de Associated Marketing Service AG (A.M.S.) dans laquelle, aux cфtes d’E.R.A., participeront Dansk Supermarked (Danemark), La Rinascente (Italie), ICA (Suede) et Migros (Suisse), puis Kesko (Finlande) et Mercadona (Espagne).
Octobre : Le 9, La Sociйtй cиde sa participation majoritaire de 65 % dans la sociйtй de bricolage Obi au Groupe Castorama.
Novembre : Le 17, La Sociйtй rachиte а Carrefour les supermarchйs de Cran et Parmelan а Annecy et cиde а Carrefour le Gйant Casino de Nantes.
Mars : Le 7, inauguration de l’Institut Piиrre Guichard (Institut de Formation de l’Encadrement) а St-Etienne.
Avril : Le 17, La Sociйtй acquiert auprиs de la C.F.A.O. La Ruche Mйridionale (enseignes L’Univers, Sodim, La Ruche, Sodi, Cantelaube, l’Aquarelle). L’ensemble represente un chiffre d’affaires annuel de 8 milliards de francs. Le 19, La Sociйtй amenage sa structure juridique sans remettre en cause La Sociйte en Commandite par Actions. Les Gerants abandonnent leur statut d’associйs commandites. Constitution de la sarl Eurosia, seul Associe-Commandite.
Novembre : Le 8, acquisition par Casino U.S.A. d’un grossiste alimentaire ‘Port Stockton Food Distributors’ ce qui entraine la crйation d’une filiale SFI, ‘Casino American Food Service’.

1992 –
Janvier : Le 3, cession de la centrale d’achats Francap а ses affilies. Fйvrier : Le 10, cession au groupe Flo du Groupe Hippopotamus, dйtenu а 50 % par La Sociйtй et а 50 % par Christian Guignard.
Mars : Le 20, signature avec Cofinoga d’un accord prйvoyant le dйveloppement d’une nouvelle carte de paiement et de crйdit, baptisйe ‘Carte Casino’. Elle permettra de choisir un rиglement au comptant ou un rиglement a crйdit et offrira un ensemble de services : epargne remunerйe, produits d’assurances, loisirs dans les hypermarchйs et supermarchйs du Groupe ainsi que dans les 15 000 points de vente du rйseau Cofinoga. Mais aussi la possibilite pour les 1,5 million de porteurs d’utiliser leur carte Cofinoga dans les hypermarchйs, supermarchйs et Groupe. Le 23, cession au Groupe Soufflet de la Sociйte Grigny Frais. Le 25, cession au Groupe Arcadie de la Societe Agevi (unite de conditionnement de viandes а Agen). Le 30, cession au Groupe Cana de l’abattoir de Saint-Maixent.
Avril : Le 3, cession au Groupe Wagons-Lits de la participation minoritaire dans la sociйte Sogerba.
Juin : Le 9, accord Rallye SA et Casino SCA. Apport des hypermarchйs, supermarchйs et cafйterias de Rallye a Casino. Rallye sera remunerйe par des titres Casino йmis а cette occasion. Le nouveau Groupe sera constitue de : 101 hypermarchйs, 480 supermarchйs, 2 344 superettes, et 221 cafeterias. Il emploiera plus de 57 000 personnes et devrait realiser un chiffre d’affaires de l’ordre de 58 milliards de francs H.T. Le 11, creation de la Fondation d’Entreprise Casino et du prix Antoine Guichard. Renouvellement pour trois ans de la convention de partenariat avec le Musee d’Art Moderne et la Comedie de Saint-Etienne. Le 30, cession au Groupe Excella Holding SA. des activitйs de chocolaterie, confiturerie et d’epices exercйes par la Societe Alimentaire du Forez. Cession des activites de torrefaction de la Societe Camasa au Groupe Allemand Union Kaffe.

Octobre : Le 4, prйsentation а Marseille La Valentine des nouvelles enseignйs du Groupe correspondant а la segmentation en trois rйseaux de magasins ayant chacun une identitй propre et une politique de prix spйcifique. Hypermarchй : Geant Proximite : Casino Petit Casino Restauration : Casino Cafeteria Cessions de la charcuterie Imperator au groupe Ducatel et de la Sociйte Alimentaire du Forez au groupe Excella.
Octobre : Changement de forme juridique de la Sociйte en Commandite par Actions qui devient une Societe Anonyme а Directoire et Conseil de Surveillance.
Dйcembre : Dйtenue а 100 % par Casino SA, la sociйte polonaise ‘Domy Towarowe Casino ‘ (Grands Magasins Casino) est crййe. Un premier hypermarchй ouvrira fin 1996 а Varsovie. Deux autres hypermarchйs sont prйvus en 1997 а Varsovie et а Cracovie.
Avril : Le 6, Casino et Corse Distribution ont conclu un accord йtablissant des liens financiers, commerciaux et logistiques, aprиs la crйation par Corse Distribution des deux sociйtйs Codim 2 et Medis dйtenues a 50 % par Casino et 50 % par Corse Distribution.
Septembre : Ouverture du premier supermarchй Casino outre-mer а St-Denis de La Reunion.
Novembre : Le Groupe Casino signe un accord d’affiliation avec Francap Distribution afin de renforcer sa puissance d’achat.
Janvier : Le 3, les Coopйrateurs de Normandie-Picardie et le Groupe Casino ont conclu un accord de partenariat qui s’inscrit dans la continuitй du contrat d’affiliation unissant les deux groupes depuis 1993. Cet accord porte sur la franchise а l’enseigne Gйant des magasins de Grand Quevilly et d’Abbeville et la reprise par Casino de l’hypermarche d’Amiens.
Fevrier : Le 20, Casino, Argyll et Ahold, membres d’ERA, cиdent leurs participations croisйes а des investisseurs institutionnels soit 5,2% du capital de Casino, 5,7% d’Ahold et 2,7% d’Argyll.
Mars : Le 4, la societe Spar France est crййe afin de dйvelopper l’enseigne Spar pour le commerce indйpendant de proximitй. Les actionnaires de cette Societe Anonyme sont : Casino France (65 % du capital), Mariault (15%), IPAG (Spar International 10%), Medis et SADA (5 % chacune). Le 7, le Groupe Casino et Dairy Farm International, le plus grand groupe de supermarchйs d’Asie, crйent une filiale commune а 50/50 pour le dйveloppement d’hypermarchйs а Taiwan.
Avril : Premiиre vague de recrutement de clients-experts. Une opйration marketing qui vise а recruter 10 000 clients-experts, charges de gouter et de donner leur avis sur les produits а la marque Casino.
Septembre : Le 6,Georges Plassat, alors vice-prйsident, succиde а Antoine Guichard а la prйsidence du Directoire. Antoine Guichard entre au Conseil de surveillance.
Novembre : Le 6, La Sociйtй rachиte les stations-service vendues а AGIP, il y a 6 ans. Le 27,La Sociйtй ouvre son premier hypermarche polonais a Varsovie : Gйant King Cross.
Decembre : Le 23, Le Groupe et le Groupe Monoprix – filiale des Galeries Lafayette – ont conclu un accord de partenariat portant sur diverses cooperations en matiиre d’achats et de logistique.
1997 – Janvier : Le Groupe parraine l’йquipe cycliste professionnelle ‘ Casino C’est votre equipe ! ‘
Fevrier : La Sociйtй acquiert la totalitй de Medis, filiale du groupe Corse Distribution, qui regroupe les activitйs logistiques et de franchise des enseignes de proximitй Timy, Cali, Prety, Etoiles des Alpes et Spar dйveloppйes dans le sud de la France. En partenariat avec la sociйtй Shell France, lancement d’un programme de fidйlisation multi-enseignes : Club Avantages. La ‘Carte Fidelite’, utilisable dans les supermarches et cafeterias Casino, offrira des ‘points avantages’ qui pourront etre convertis en nuits d’hфtels, bons d’achats, cadeaux…
Mars : Signature d’un accord de partenariat et de franchise avec Disco (Uruguay) pour l’exploitation d’un premier hypermarchй Gйant а Montevideo, dont l’ouverture est prйvue en 1999.

1998 – Janvier : Le 16, clфture de l’offre de Promodes.
Fevrier : Le 11, clфture de l’offre de Rallye. Le 12, Le Groupe acquiert 75 % des actions de la sociйtй argentine Libertad qui possиde 7 hypermarchйs. Libertad est la troisiиme sociйtй d’hypermarchйs en Argentine. Le Groupe , via sa filiale americaine Smart and Final, conclut un accord avec United Grocers en vue d’acquerir son activite cash and carry, soit 39 magasins situes sur la cфte ouest des Etats-Unis.

1999 – Mars : Le 2, Casino Guichard rйintegre l’indice CAC 40 en remplacement d’Usinor. Le 10, Guyenne et Gascogne et Le Groupe concluent un protocole d’accord prevoyant la cession a la branche proximite du Groupe de 75 succursales, essentiellement implantees au Pays Basque, ainsi que de 26 magasins saisonniers. Ces magasins auront pris l’enseigne Petit Casino fin avril. Le 16, La Sociйtй ouvre son cinquiиme Gйant polonais a Bydgoszcz. Le 29, La Sociйtй conclut un accord avec la societe Big C dont le principal actionnaire est le groupe Central, premier groupe de distribution non alimentaire thailandais, en vue d’acquerir 66 % du capital de Big C au travers d’une augmentation de capital reservйe de 6,1 milliards de bahts (980 millions de francs). Depuis l’ouverture du premier magasin en 1994, Big C connait une expansion rapide et dispose aujourd’hui de 20 hypermarchйs (dont 8 a Bangkok) d’une surface moyenne de 11 000 m2. Le 31, Geant Taiwan ouvre son deuxiиme hypermarchй а Kaohsiung, au sud de l’ile.
Avril : Le 17, Shell et La Sociйtй signent un accord de partenariat au terme duquel Shell s’approvisionnera aupres de la centrale d’achats Casino et Casino apportera a Shell son savoir-faire en matiиre de merchandising et de marketing. Ce partenariat a pour but de developper un nouveau concept adapte a chaque type de station (urbaine, autoroutiere). Celui-ci est mis en place dans les magasins Select Cafe (stations urbaines) et sera decline ensuite sur les autres stations du reseau Shell, y compris les stations d’autoroutes. Pour Shell, ce partenariat vise a dйvelopper un service de proximitй encore mieux adapte aux nouvelles habitudes des consommateurs. Le 19, Casino et Cora annoncent leur projet de fusionner leurs activitйs d’achats au sein d’une sociйtй nouvelle, Opera, dont les deux groupes seront actionnaires а parite. Opera aura pour mission principale d’acheter les produits alimentaires (hors produits frais traditionnels) et non alimentaires (hors carburant) а marques nationales, marques de distributeurs et ‘ premiers prix ‘.

Janvier : Le 1er, chaque salarie de Casino France s’est vu attribuer une carte privative de paiement lui permettant de bйnйficier d’une remise de 5 % sur tous ses achats йffectuйs dans les magasins du Groupe suivants : Geant, Casino, Petit Casino acceptant la carte, Komogo et Inedite, simple et exclusive, cette carte donne egalement droit a une remise de 10 % dans les magasins Imagica et de 25 % dans les cafeterias Casino.
Janvier : Le 2, Le Groupe s’est alliй au spйcialiste du crйdit а la consommation Cofinoga pour mettre sur pied la Banque Casino. Constituйe en sociйtй conjointe (detenue a 51 % par Casino et 49 % par Cofinoga), cette entite reprend les activitйs de crйdit et de cartes privatives du groupe stephanois.
Le 3, Casino renonce а son projet avec Uniwide aux Philippines.
Le 9, Ouverture d’une nouvelle cafйteria Casino situee entre le stade Geoffroy Guichard et la boutique des ‘ Verts ‘.
La branche Proximite reprend l’activite commerciale des йtablissements ‘ Montagne ‘ et ‘ Sada ‘. Le parc constituй d’une centaine de points de vente sous l’enseigne ‘ Proxi ‘ sera transforme pour partie en Petit Casino et pour la plupart en Vival
Avril : Le 5, Le Groupe annonce son accord avec le groupe Auchan, par lequel ce dernier cиde son hypermarche et sa galerie marchande de Chiang Mai en Thailande.
Dйnonciation par Cora de la centrale d’achat Opйra.
-Casino Cafйtйria se lance dans la restauration collective.
-Lancement avec Galeries Lafayette d’un programme de fidйlisation nouvelle gйnйration S’Miles qui fйdиre
les programmes de fidйlisation Points Ciel (Galeries Lafayette) et Club Avantages (Casino / Shell).
-Ouverture des deux premiers Leader Price en Thaпlande.
-Rachat а Shell des stations-essence situйes sur les sites d’hypermarchйs et de supermarchйs Casino.
-Entrйe de Casino dans le capital de Laurus (38 %), sociйtй de distribution nйerlandaise.
-Crйation d’une nouvelle centrale d’achat dйnommйe EMC Distribution.
-Crйation avec le groupe Auchan de International Retail and Trade Services (IRTS), sociйtй de prestations de services
а l’attention des industriels (fournisseurs multinationaux et/ou PME).
La Sociйtй et Galeries Lafayette dйcide de poursuivre, pour une durйe minimale de trois ans, leur partenariat
au sein de Monoprix et dйposent conjointement une Offre Publique de Retrait suivie d’un Retrait Obligatoire
sur les actions Monoprix.
-Smart & Final Inc. cиde ses activitйs Foodservice en Floride et en Californie.
-Adoption de la forme de Sociйtй Anonyme а Conseil d’administration.
-Le Groupe et CNP Assurances annoncent un accord stratйgique visant а dйvelopper et promouvoir
des produits d’assurances auprиs des clients des magasins du Groupe en France.
-Le Groupe porte sa participation dans Franprix Holding а 95 % et celle dans Leader Price Holding а 75 %.
La Sociйtй acquiert le co-contrфle du groupe CBD (а hauteur de 68,8 % du capital du holding de contrфle de CBD)
-La Sociйtй devient l’actionnaire majoritaire de Vindйmia (а hauteur de 70 % du capital).
-Filialisation des galeries marchandes du Groupe en France avec la crйation et l’introduction en bourse
de la sociйtй Mercialys.
-Le Groupe cиde 13 entrepфts а Mines de la Lucette.
-Dйnouement du contrat d’equity swap conclu entre Deutsche Bank et Casino – cession des actions GMB/CORA.
-Exito prend le contrфle du groupe cotй Carrula Vevero, numйro 2 de la distribution en Colombie.
-La Sociйtй cиde les 38 % du capital encore dйtenu dans Feu Vert.
-Crйation de la sociйtй dunnhumby France en partenariat avec dunnhumby.
-La Sociйtй cиde ses activitйs en Pologne.
-Cessation du partenariat international avec Auchan au sein de International Retail and Trade Services. (IRTS)

Description in Italian
L’attivita principale della societa sta vendendo al dettaglio variando da negozi di generi alimentari di vicinanze ad ipermercati, cose come casa ripara catene di approvvigionamento e stesso centri di servizio, ma e preso parte anche nella distribuzione, cibo trattando, ristorante, DIY ed operazione di beni immobili. Le sue operazioni Stati Uniti includono negozi all’ingrosso, sbocchi all’ingrossi, mense e panetterie.
Business Line
Food retail distribution
IPO date

Company Address
1, Esplanade de France
City province or state postal code
Phone: +33 4 77 45 31 31
Country address: FRANCE
Website url: