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Housing Mortages

I am a Canadian Architect graduate of U of T We have a housing development in Costarica Looking for investors or a loan. The project is a 2-3 year project The projected profits are $20,000,000 Initial Investment Needed $21,609,00 Approval to date-Land use -Land free of all leans and is fully owned – Water -all(…)

Client Ref: S12283

Have come across a letter headed Rothschild Asset Management, detailing an account with Five Arrows International Reserves Ltd. Registered Shareholder Malcolm Shifrin. Client Ref: S12283. Date 03-Sep-01. Value, all of £13.76. Does this exist? Clearly not something want to continue with. Can you clarify? With thanks for any information.

Contact Information Required

We require your company’s contact information for below mentioned location , as we are updating our records. STE 1000 3333 PIEDMONT RD ATLANTA GA 30305-1843 Kindly provide below information : Telephone: Fax# E-mail: Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

Afras Ahmed

We, Medi Urge, has been in the field of Importing, Marketing & Selling and After Sales Service Providers for Medical & Surgical Equipment, Surgical Disposables, Surgical Implants and Hospital Equipment for the last 35 years. We have the resources, dedicated Professional Marketing & Sales Personnel and well qualified experienced Engineers & Technicians to handle any(…)

Mineral water cup 230ml

We are interested in the price for the Mineral Water 230 ml – 600 cups for event on 11/2 & 12/2/17. Pls get back to us with your quotation as soon as possible.

Managing Director & CEO

Greetings, This is Md. Sazzadul Huq khan from Bangladesh. I am working as the Managing Director & CEO at Khan’s Technology & Engineering, which involves in Power & Electricity, Pharmaceutical and Construction sector in Bangladesh. We ensure quality with satisfaction through our work in Government & Private sector since its inception in the year 2008.(…)

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