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PUTPROP LIMITED Previous company name PUTCO PROPERTIES LIMITED Name change date 11/26/2005 Company Overview Putprop Limited, with registered business office in Sandton, South Africa, is a public company primarily engaged in the ownership of industrial and commercial properties, including a property for future residential purposes. The company was established in the Republic of South Africa(…)


CROSBY ASSET MANAGEMENT INC. Previous company name CROSBY CAPITAL PARTNERS INC. Name change date 5/8/2008 Company Overview The company, formerly known as Crosby Capital Partners Inc., is a publicly quoted firm engaged in diversified asset management business, and investment banking activities. It was established in Hong Kong as a traditional stock broking firm in 1984.(…)


LAIRD PLC Previous company name LAIRD GROUP PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY (THE) Name change date 5/9/2008 Company Overview The company is a privately held entity based in the United Kingdom that is engaged in the management activities of a holding company. It was incorporated in 1898, and has its registered business office located in London, UK.(…)


STEMSCIENCE CO.,LTD. Previous company name E-Greenergy Co.,Ltd. Name change date 10/2009 Company Overview ETMAX Co Ltd is a publicly quoted company based in the Republic of Korea which is engaged in the creation of animation pictures. It was incorporated in the year of 1999 and was formerly known as Du Hightech Co Ltd. The company’s(…)


NABCO DOOR LTD. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Nabco Door Ltd. is engaged in the sale, installation and maintenance of automatic door equipment multistory parking lot facilities and related accompanying equipment. The company was established in 1957 and has its headquarters located in Osaka, Japan. Nabco Door offers doors, parking devices, disasters(…)

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