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Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG is a Germany-based holding company with head office in Dusseldorf. The company, through its subsidiaries, provides components and systems for the automotive industry. Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG was incorporated in 1984 and is formerly known as Kolbenschmidt AG until January of 1998.
The company’s five divisions are represented by a main subsidiary: Pierburg GmbH, which offers systems and components for air supply and emission control, as well as oil, water and vacuum pumps; KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH (KS Pistons), which supplies pistons for passenger and commercial automobiles, piston modules and large-bore pistons; KS Gleitlager GmbH (KS Plain Bearings), which offers engine bearings, dry bearings and continuous non-ferrous castings; KS ATAG GmbH (KS Aluminum Technology), which produces aluminum engine blocks; and MSI Motor Service International GmbH, which provides automotive parts for engine repair and workshops.
As a global first-tier supplier to the automotive industry, Kolbenschmidt Pierburg commands foremost positions in air supply, emission control and pumps as well as in the development, manufacture and aftermarket supply of pistons, engine blocks, and plain bearings.
The company, through its subsidiaries, is also active in Spain, United States of America, Italy, France and Czech Republic. The company is one of the major subsidiaries of Rheinmetall AG, a holding company for business enterprises active in the business areas of automotive and defence engineering and electronics.
Business Summary
The Company manufactures engine blocks, bearings, water pumps, and injection moldings, and is engaged in the development of air-supply modules, exhaust systems, fuel-delivery units, and components for emission control.
Description and history
Kolbenschmidt Pierburg is a globally leading automotive industry vendor supplying products ‘for every aspect of the engine’. The company develops, builds and markets components and systems for internal combustion engines and the automotive industry. The main product groups include : finished pistons, steering wheels, plastic components, airbags, friction bearings, synchronizing cones for transmissions, aluminium engine blocks, cylinders, cylinder heads, gearboxes, steering boxes, oil and water pumps for internal combustion engines, and automotive components for the aftermarket. In close cooperation with customers over the whole world, Kolbenschmidt Pierburg develops innovative solutions for the automobile and the environment. A group-wide quality assurance system and a continued improvement process are the tools we apply to meet our zero-failure-rate target.
Its shares are officially traded on the stock exchanges of Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group forms the Automotive Business Field of Rheinmetall AG.
1909 Founding of Gebr. Pierburg oHG, Berlin
1910 Founding of Deutsche Olfeuerungswerke, Heilbronn
1923 Transformation into Gebr. Pierburg AG, Berlin
1924 Change into Karl Schmidt GmbH
1931 Founding of Deutsche Vergaser Gesellschaft, Berlin
1946 Founding of Deutsche Vergaser GmbH & Co. KG, Neuss
1958 Joint establishment of a piston manufacturing location in France Founding of A. Pierburg Auto- und Luftfahrtgeratebau KG, Neuss
1963 Start of plain bearing production at the St. Leon-Rot plant
1968 Founding of the piston manufacturer KS Pistoes Ltda., Sao Paulo, Brazil
1969 Acquisition of the plain bearing producer Hoveler & Dickhaus
1970 Founding of Pierburg Luftfahrtgerate Union Gmbh
1972 Founding of Pallas-Apparate GmbH & Co. KG, Nettetal
1978 Acquisition of the piston manufacturing site in USA
1980 Establishment of a new light metal engine block manufacturing site in Neckarsulm
1984 Change into Kolbenschmidt AG and stock exchange listing
1986 Rheinmetall acquires an 80 % stake in the Pierburg Group
1989 Acquisition of the piston, oil and water pump producer SMM in Thionville, France Acquisition of the remaining shares in the Pierburg Group
1990 Joint venture with Atsugi Unisia Corp. to manufacture pistons in Marinette, USA
1991 ML-KS Bearings joint venture for plain bearing production in Greensburg, USA Full ownership of Carbureibar S.A., Abadiano, Spain
1995 Acquisition of controlling interest in the largest Czech piston manufacturer, Metal a.s., Usti
1996 Restructuring of Kolbenschmidt AG, setting up a holding company Transformation of Pierburg GmbH into a stock corporation (AG)
1996 Production launch at Pierburg Inc. in Fountain Inn, USA
1997 Joint venture with Shanghai Automotive Company in Shanghai, China
1997 Rheinmetall AG acquires a controlling interest in Kolbenschmidt AG
1998 Merger of the Kolbenschmidt and Pierburg Groups to form the Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group with public stock offering
1998 Acquisition of the remaining shares in the oil and water pump business
1998 Acquisition of the remaining shares in the ML-KS joint venture, renaming it KS Bearings Inc.
2006 Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG Issues FY 2006 Earnings Guidance

2007 DGAP-Adhoc: Squeeze-out to be initiated at Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG
2007 Rheinmetall Berlin Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH Announces Squeeze Out Process of Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG

Formerly known as Kolbenschmidt AG

Description in German
Kolbenschmidt Pierburg ist ein weltweit fuhrender Automobilzulieferer ‘rund um den Motor’. Das Unternehmen entwickelt, produziert und vertreibt Komponenten und Systeme fur Verbrennungsmotoren und die allgemeine Fahrzeugindustrie. Mit mehr als 11.000 Mitarbeitern erwirtschaftet Kolbenschmidt Pierburg einen Umsatz von 3 Mrd. DM.
In enger Partnerschaft mit Kunden weltweit entwickelt Kolbenschmidt Pierburg innovative Losungen fur Auto und Umwelt. Die unternehmensweit eingesetzten Qualitatssicherungssysteme und der kontinuierliche Verbesserungsprozess sind unsere Instrumente zur Erreichung des Null-Fehler-Ziels.
Die borsennotierte Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG (M-DAX) ist die konzernleitende Holding der Geschaftsbereiche Luftversorgung und Pumpen, Kolben, Gleitlager, Aluminium-Technologie, Motor Engineering und Motor Service. Die Aktie der Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG wird an den Borsen in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt und Stuttgart im amtlichen Handel notiert.
Die Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Gruppe bildet den Unternehmensbereich Automobiltechnik der Rheinmetall AG.
1910 Grundung der Deutsche Olfeuerungswerke, Heilbronn
1924 Anderung der Fa. in Karl Schmidt GmbH
1958 Gemeinschaftliche Grundung einer Kolbenfertigung in Frankreich
1963 Beginn der Gleitlagerproduktion im Werk St. Leon-Rot
1968 Grundung der Kolbenfabrik KS Pistoes Ltda., Sao Paulo, Brasilien
1969 Erwerb des Geitlagerherstellers Hoveler & Dickhaus
1978 Erwerb der USA-Kolbenfertigung
1980 Errichtung einer neuen Leichtmetall-Motorblockfertigung in Neckarsulm
1984 Umwandlung in Kolbenschmidt AG und Borsengang
1989 Erwerb des Kolben-, Ol- und Wasserpumpenherstellers SMM in Thionville, Frankreich
1990 Gemeinschaftsunternehmen mit Atsugi Unisia Corp. zur Produktion von Kolben in Marinette, USA
1991 Joint Venture ML-KS Bearings zur Gleitlagerfertigung in Greensburg, USA
1995 Erwerb der Mehrheit am gro?ten tschechischen Kolbenhersteller Metal a.s., Usti
1996 Umstrukturierung der Kolbenschmidt AG in Holding
1997 Joint Venture mit Shanghai Automotive Company in Shanghai, China
1909 Grundung der Gebr. Pierburg oHG, Berlin
1923 Umwandlung in Gebr. Pierburg AG, Berlin
1931 Grundung der Deutsche Vergaser Gesellschaft, Berlin
1946 Grundung der Deutsche Vergaser GmbH & Co. KG, Neuss
1958 Grundung der A. Pierburg Auto- und Luftfahrtgeratebau KG, Neuss
1970 Grundung der Pierburg Luftfahrtgerate Union GmbH
1972 Grundung der Pallas-Apparate GmbH& Co KG, Nettetal
1986 Rheinmetall erwirbt 80% der Anteile an der Pierburg-Gruppe
1989 Ubernahme der restlichen Anteile an der Pierburg-Gruppe
1991 100%-Beteiligung an Carbureibar S.A., Abadiano, Spanien
1996 Umwandlung der Pierburg GmbH in eine AG. Produktionsstart bei Pierburg Inc. in Fountain Inn, USA
1997 Joint Venture mit Shanghai Automotive Company in Shanghai, China
1997 Die Rheinmetall AG erwirbt die Mehrheit an der Kolbenschmidt AG
1998 Verschmelzung der Kolbenschmidt-Gruppe und der Pierburg-Gruppe zur borsennotierten Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Gruppe
1998 Ubernahme der restlichen Anteile an den Ol- und Wasserpumpen-Aktivitaten
1998 Ubernahme der restlichen Anteile an ML-KS Joint Venture, Umfirmierung in KS Bearings Inc
1999 Erwerb von Zollner Pistons, Ft. Wayne, IN, USA
1999 Pierburg und Bitron schliessen Joint Venture Fueltech in der Kraftstoffversorgung
Business Line
Holding company for subsidiaries engaged in the provision of components and systems for the automotive industry
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Rheinmetall Allee 1

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Phone: +49 211 473 02
Fax: +49 211 473 4055
Country address: GERMANY
Website url: www.kolbenschmidt-pierburg.de