CADIZ HOLDINGS LIMITED Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Cadiz Holdings Limited (CHL) operates as an investment holding company for a fully fledged financial services group that engaged in equity derivatives trading, fixed income trading, quantitative research, stockbroking, specialized asset management and structured solutions for the corporate, wholesale and retail markets. The company(…)


VALCOM, INC. Previous company name SBI COMMUNICATIONS INC. Name change date 3/6/2004 Company Overview ValCom, Inc., also known as Valencia Entertainment, is a diversified entertainment company engaged in studio rental for television production for network and syndication programming, and motion pictures in the United States. The company was incorporated in 1994. Its registered head office(…)


MISSION NEWENERGY LIMITED Previous company name MISSION BIOFUELS LIMITED Name change date 8/8/2008 Company Overview Mission Biofuels Limited is an Australian-based company engaged in the production of biodiesel. The company was incorporated in November of 2005 and has its registered office in Perth, Australia. It is publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange under the(…)


WESCO INVESTMENTS LIMITED Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Wesco Investments Limited is a South African-based investment holding company and its interests are in the motor and motor component industries. The company is the holding company of Toyota South Africa Limited and Metair Investments Ltd. in the Republic of South Africa. The company(…)


CONSOLIDATED MINERALS LIMITED Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Consolidated Minerals Limited is a diversified Australian-based resources company engaged in the exploration, development, production and export of high-grade minerals to global markets. It was incorporated in the year of 1969 and has its registered corporate headquarters located in West Perth. The company owns(…)


TATTS GROUP LIMITED Previous company name TATTERSALL’S LIMITED Name change date 12/4/2007 Company Overview Tatts Group Limited is an Australian company engaged in the operation of licensed gaming machines in Victoria and the regulated lotteries in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory. The company’s activities include the operation of wagering and(…)

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