ATHENAHEALTH, INC Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Athenahealth, Inc. is an American-based company that provides Internet-based business services for medical group practices in the United States. The company, with headquarters located in Watertown, Massachusetts, was founded in 1997. Athenahealth is a leading provider of internet-based business services to physicians in the United(…)


RHJ INTERNATIONAL S.A Previous company name Name change date Company Overview RHJ International SA (RHJI) is a diversified holding company focused on creating long-term value for its shareholders by acquiring interests in businesses in industries in Japan and elsewhere. The company was formerly known as the RHJ Funds managed by Ripplewood Holdings, with registered headquarters(…)


GEMFIELDS PLC Previous company name GEMFIELDS RESOURCES PLC Name change date 2/23/2009 Company Overview Gemfields Resources PLC, with registered office address in London EC3A 7EE, is a holding company that through its subsidiaries, it operates as an independent gemstone mine operator and gemstone prospecting company with a primary focus in Zambia. The company has been(…)


INTER-GAMMA INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Inter-Gamma Investment Company Ltd., headquartered in Herzelya Pituach, Israel, is one of Israel’s 100 leading holding corporations. The company controls a network of commercial and industrial enterprises including several market leaders in their respective fields. It is focused on diversification and is active(…)

Enquiry for rectangular metal storage tanks

Dear Mr./Miss, This is ANDERSON (HK) CO.,LTD. I am a buyer. Now my company has a project in Qatar.We urgently need to purchase tanks. Hope to receive your reply as soon as possile. Best Wishes! Angella


CRETE SYSTEMS INC. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview CReTE Systems, Inc. is company based in Taiwan, which is engaged in the manufacture and sale of computers and peripheral products. Its major products include commercial-use notebook computers, commercial-use desktop computers, reinforced notebook computers, reinforced automobile computers, keyboards, chargers, automobile power supplies, liquid crystal(…)

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