NTL BUSINESS LIMITED Previous company name NTL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED Name change date 5/15/2000 Company Overview NTL Business Limited, formerly known as NTL Technologies Limited, is a private company engaged in the provision of voice and data network integration services. The company was incorporated in July of 1995. The registered head office of the company is(…)


JSC UDMURTNEFT Previous company name Name change date Company Overview JSC Udmurtneft is a Russian company, primarily engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil. The company with registered business address in Izhevsk, in the Russian Federation, was established in 1973. JSC Udmurtneft is the largest oil company in Udmurtia that produces almost 70(…)


ATHABASCA MINERALS INC. Previous company name HALI CAPITAL CORPORATION Name change date 1/8/2007 Company Overview Athabasca Minerals Inc is a publicly held company engaged in the exploration of mineral properties. The company was formed in 2006 and has its registered head office located in Edmonton, Canada. The company explores a variety of industrial minerals including(…)


IMTECH N.V. Previous company name INTERNATIO-MЬLLER N.V. Name change date 10/16/2001 Company Overview Imtech N.V. is a publicly quoted technical service provider in the fields of electrotechnology, information technology, communication and mechanical engineering. It was formerly known as Internatio Mьller NV. The company has its registered office located in Gouda, Netherlands. It was incorporated in(…)

Artemisinin INCREASE Bioavaliability and solubility

Hi Sir, We would like to send you information regarding our patent technology that can increase the solubility and Bioavailability of Artemisinin Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interest in receiving more information on our patent Thank you Rocco Di Fruscia

Selected Hotels prime located in Western Europe, on Sale

I would like to send you an acquisition proposal of several off-market luxury Hotels in Western Europe that contains several photos. If you may be interested on additional details, please notify with the person in charge and his E-mail address. Happy New Year, Benny Latres, Arch.

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