LOGICAMMS LIMITED Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The company, publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, operates as an electrical engineering and industrial control systems firm in Australia. It was founded in 1998 and conducts business operation from its corporate headquarter based in West Perth, Australia. The company offers a wide range(…)


OJSC KUIBYSHEVAZOT Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Kuibyshevazot is a chemical company in Russia located in Togliatti, Samara region. The company is a leader in caprolactam production in Russia and is among the top ten of Russia’s major producers of nitrogen fertilizers. The company started its operation in 1966 under the name(…)


TONICHI CARLIFE GROUP INC. Previous company name TOKYO NISSAN AUTO SALES CO., LTD. Name change date 4/1/2004 Company Overview Tonichi Carlife Group Inc., formerly known as Tokyo Nissan Auto Sales Co. Ltd., is a publicly quoted company engaged in the retail sale of Nissan-branded automobile as well as spare parts and related accessories. The company(…)


RENTRAK CORP Previous company name NATIONAL VIDEO INC Name change date 10/4/1988 Company Overview Rentrak Corp. is an entertainment industry information management company that collect, process, analyze and present rental and sales information regarding videocassettes, digital videodiscs and video games. The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ National(…)


NANTEX INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Nantex Industry Co., Ltd. (Nantex), incorporated in 1978, is a Taiwanese-based company principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of synthetic rubber products. Its corporate office is located in Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan. Nantex’ products include styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) and butadiene-acrylonitrile (NBR) latexes,(…)


INTERLAND INC Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The company, formerly known as Micron Electronics Inc., is primarily engaged in the provision of web hosting & web-based applications. It is a formerly publicly quoted firm that conducts business from its registered head office located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is known as a(…)

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