B2DIGITAL, INCORPORATED Previous company name Name change date Company Overview B2digital, Incorporated, also known as Telpro, is a publicly traded company which operates as a provider of in-room, on-demand video entertainment and satellite services, to the domestic lodging industry. It was incorporated in June of 1983 and has a registered head office in Sherman Oaks,(…)


CHAPARRAL STEEL COMPANY Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Chaparral Steel Company is a publicly quoted company engaged in the manufacturing of structural steel and steel bar products. Chaparral was incorporated in 1973 as a 50-50 joint venture between Texas Industries Inc. and Co-Steel International, of Canada. Based in Midlothian, Texas, USA, Chaparral(…)


PS&G CO.,LTD. Previous company name Isaac & Company Co.,Ltd. Name change date 8/2009 Company Overview Cesnet Co. Ltd. (formerly Aquatech Co., Ltd.) is a Korean company, whose main business is the provision of educational services. It operates in three segments namely: Lego, which is an educational program designed for children aged between four to middle(…)


GRAINCORP LIMITED Previous company name Name change date Company Overview GrainCorp Limited is an Australian company engaged in storage, handling, marketing and transportation of wheat, grain and other bulk commodities. The company’s activities include the operation of grain pools; road and rail transport services for bulk commodities; provision of farm input products, banking deposits management,(…)


WIDE BAY AUSTRALIA LTD Previous company name Wide Bay Capricorn Building Society Ltd Name change date Company Overview Wide Bay Australia Ltd. is an Australian financial institution. It is engaged in the provision of an extensive range of loans, savings and investments, insurance, foreign exchange, and banking services. The company was established as Wide Bay(…)


L.T. FOODS LIMITED Previous company name L.T. OVERSEAS LIMITED Name change date 9/26/2008 Company Overview LT Overseas, Ltd. is an Indian-based publicly quoted company that operates in the packaged food grain industry in India, offering basmathi rice under the brand Daawat. The company was founded in 1965 and has its registered head office based in(…)

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