GUN-EI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITED Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Gun-Ei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company engaged in the production and wholesale distribution of chemical, food and high-function fiber products for the semiconductor industry. The company was established in 1946 by Denzo Arita. It is registered as a publicly(…)


NEXTWAVE WIRELESS INC. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview NextWave Wireless Inc, with its headquarters in San Diego, California, is a publicly quoted company engaged in the development and marketing of mobile broadband and wireless multimedia products and technologies worldwide together with its subsidiaries. Founded in 1996, NextWave Wireless Inc. was formerly known(…)


KAWASAKI STEEL CORPORATION Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Kawasaki Steel Corporation (KSC), recently trading as JFE Steel Corporation, is one of the world’s leading steel corporations. The company, with headquarters located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and Chuo-ku, Kobe, was established in 1950 as a steel division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, which is a(…)

yoganand c yoga

Hi DEAR sir./madam We from India’s – Bangalore based coffee county resort. we had in world kinds of colors kinds of view into always rich green coffee estate commercial site. So we planed setup Eco-friendly green individual pool villas spa tourist resort. So rich attractive world wide, Coffee county resort offers its customers & range(…)


REGENSBURGER VERMЦGENSVERWALTUNGS-AG Previous company name SCHEU & WIRTH AG Name change date 2/17/2004 Company Overview Regensburger Vermцgensverwaltungs-AG is a publicly quoted company that is primarily engaged in plumbing and other installations works. The company, with registered office in Regensburg, Germany, was established as Scheu + Wirth AG in 1959. The company carries out electrical, heating,(…)


DUKANG DISTILLERS HOLDINGS LIMITED Previous company name TRUMP DRAGON DISTILLERS HOLDINGS LIMITED Name change date 5/13/2010 Company Overview The company is a publicly quoted firm which is engaged in the manufacture and sale of baijiu products in the People’s Republic of China. It was incorporated in Bermuda in February of 2008. It has its registered(…)

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