WCT LAND BHD Previous company name WCT REALTY SDN. BHD. Name change date 5/8/2003 Company Overview WCT Land Bhd, based in Shah Alam, is a Malaysian company involved in property development, property investment and the provision of maintenance and management services for its developed properties. WCT Land was established by Mr. Peter Taing Kim in(…)


NORDEKA AS Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Nordeka AS, with head office in Riga, is joint stock company that is engaged mainly in the provision of passenger transport services on intercity and international bus lines, as well as charter trips on demand. The company was incorporated in 1900 and is listed on(…)


UBM INFORMATION LIMITED Previous company name CMP INFORMATION LIMITED Name change date 12/1/2008 Company Overview The company, formerly known as Barbour Index Limited until March of 2004, is a professional media division of United Business Media PLC. The company was incorporated in November of 1941 and has its registered business address located in London, United(…)


SIAULIU BANKAS Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Siauliu Bankas is engaged in the provision of banking and other financial services. It was established in February of 1992. The bank has a registered head office located in Siauliai, Lithuania. The bank’s main business is the provision of credit services. Under its private banking(…)


BOURBON Previous company name GROUPE BOURBON Name change date 6/16/2005 Company Overview Bourbon, formerly known as Groupe Boubon, is a French company that operates a chain of retail hypermarkets and supermarkets and offers shipping services such as towage, offshore supplies and bulk transport. Headquartered in Paris, France, the company was incorporated in 1948. The company(…)


SRG TAKAMIYA CO., LTD. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview SRG Takamiya Co., Ltd., with headquarters located in Osaka, is a Japanese company engaged in leasing and marketing of temporary materials for construction operations. It leases and sells exterior scaffoldings, falsework materials, hanging scaffoldings, forming materials, safety materials, temporary roof materials, and materials(…)

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