TEEKAY PETROJARL ASA Previous company name PETROJARL ASA Name change date 12/22/2006 Company Overview Teekay Petrojarl ASA, incorporated in 2006, is a Norwegian-based company engaged in the provision of oil and gas services. The company has its head office in N-7405 Trondheim, Norway. Teekay Petrojarl operates four floating production, storage and offtake vessels which are(…)


MOBIUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS INC Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The privately-held based company, headquartered in Rye, New York, is engaged in the provision of software solutions that capture, manage, deliver, archive and dispose of enterprise records and content. It was founded by Mitchell Gross and Joseph Albracht in 1981. Since then, it(…)


CHARGEURS Previous company name CHARGEURS INTERNATIONAL Name change date Company Overview Chargeurs is a French company that is managed as an investment fund which specializes in textile manufacturing. Based in Paris, France, the company was formerly known as Chargeurs International. Chargeurs conducts its business in four areas including: wool processing, wool-based fabrics, garment interlining and(…)


R.A.I. CONSULTANTS PUBLIC LIMITED Previous company name Name change date Company Overview R.A.I. Consultants Public Limited is a publicly traded company engaged in the provision of market research and consulting services to businesses. The Company, with registered head office in Agioi Omologites, Cyprus, was established in February 1995 by a team of leading professionals, each(…)


BILIA AB Previous company name CATENA AB Name change date 9/15/1998 Company Overview Bilia AB, with its registered head office at Goteborg, Sweden, is an active publicly quoted company that is primarily engaged in the sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles as well as in the retail sale of automotive fuel. The(…)


COCOKARA FINE, INC. Previous company name COCOKARA FINE HOLDINGS, INC. Name change date 10/1/2010 Company Overview This publicly quoted company is a holding entity whose subsidiaries are active in the operation and management of drug store chains. It was incorporated in 2008 and transacts business from its registered head office located in Ota-ku, Japan. The(…)

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