ARGAN, INC. Previous company name PUROFLOW INCORPORATED Name change date 10/27/2003 Company Overview Argan, Inc, with registered office address in Rockville, is a publicly traded holding company (AMEX: AGX) that focuses on companies that provide telecommunication and health care products and services to growth industries. It operates through its wholly owned subsidiaries including Gemma Power(…)


HENLEY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Previous company name BOSTON CELTICS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Name change date 12/31/2002 Company Overview Henley Limited Partnership III, formerly known as Celtics Basketball, L.P., is an equity firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company owned and operated the Boston Celtics professional basketball team (the Boston Celtics) of the National Basketball Association (NBA) prior(…)


MASSBANK CORP Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Massbank Corp., with registered office located in Reading, Massachusetts, operates as a bank holding company for Massbank that provides retail and commercial banking services. The bank accepts non interest-bearing demand deposits, negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) accounts, super NOW accounts, regular savings and special notice(…)

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