INGENIO TABOGA S.A. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The company, based in Costa Rica, operates as an agribusiness company dedicated to growing sugar cane and rice as well as the production of sugar, alcohol, molasses and electricity. It is a privately held company incorporated in 1974 and has its registered corporate headquarters(…)


XATA CORP Previous company name NORTHWEST ACQUISITIONS INC Name change date 12/9/1991 Company Overview XATA Corp., formerly known as Northwest Acquisitions, Inc., is a public company engaged in the development, marketing, and servicing of integrated on-board fleet management systems for the private segment of the transportation industry in the United States and Canada. The company(…)


CHEMTEC S.A. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Chemtec S.A. is a publicly quoted company which is engaged in the manufacture of chemical products. The registered business office of the company is located in the city of Nemby in Paraguay. Chemtec primarily manufactures pesticides and agricultural chemicals. The company has an annual estimated(…)


OWENS CORNING Previous company name OWENS CORNING (REORGANIZED) INC. Name change date 10/31/2006 Company Overview Owens Corning is an American publicly quoted company engaged in manufacturing residential and commercial building materials and glass fiber reinforcements. The company was founded in the year 1938. It is formerly known as Owens Corning (Reorganized) Inc. Its corporate headquarters(…)


ENRC AFRICA HOLDINGS LIMITED Previous company name CENTRAL AFRICAN MINING & EXPLORATION COMPANY PLC Name change date 9/14/2010 Company Overview The company, with registered office address in London, is a public limited company engaged in the exploring, mining and trading in Central and Southern Africa. The group was formerly known as Ableplan PLC which lasted(…)


EDIRECTORY.CO.UK PLC Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Plc is the United Kingdom’s leading independent aggregator and distributor of online shopping content, and supplier of e-commerce services to UK retailers. The company was established by Dominic Allonby in 1991. It has been trading online since 1997, both via its unique “single-basket multi-merchant”(…)

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