COFFEE REPUBLIC PLC Previous company name ARION PROPERTIES PLC Name change date 10/14/1997 Company Overview Coffee Republic PLC, with headquarters in London, is a business enterprise that operates a coffee shop franchise chain in the United Kingdom. The company was established by Bobby and Sahar Hashemi in 1995, a brother and sister team. However, in(…)


BSK & TECH, INC. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The company is a technology-oriented venture firm engaged in the development and manufacture of stereoscopic 3D display systems with technologies, which help create stereoscopic moving images without having to wear additional special glasses. It is headquartered in the United States and operates in(…)


SYNUTRA INTERNATIONAL, INC. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Synutra International, Inc. (Synutra) is a publicly quoted company listed on the NASDAQ National Market. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Synutra Inc., the company is engaged in the production, marketing, packaging and development of dairy-based nutritional products in China for infants, children, pregnant women(…)


YAKUTSKENERGO Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Yakutskenergo is an international public company engaged in the generation and transmission of electrical and thermal energy. The company was incorporated in 1994. The company supplies electricity to an area of 3.1 million square kilometers, more than 40 percent of which is located in the Arctic(…)


U10 Previous company name L3C GROUP Name change date 4/30/2004 Company Overview U10 is a publicly quoted company engaged in the manufacture and retail trade of made-up textile articles used for interior home decorations. The Company was formerly known as L3C Group until April of 2004. The Company was created and incorporated in the form(…)


PADAENG INDUSTRY PCL Previous company name PADANG INDUSTRY CO LTD Name change date 12/23/1993 Company Overview Padaeng Industry Pcl, formerly known as Padaeng Industry Co. Ltd., is involved in mining and smelting of zinc. Its core products include special high grade (SHG) zinc metal, under the brand name “PADAENG THAILAND”, and value-added zinc alloys, raw(…)

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