BIOLIN SCIENTIFIC AB Previous company name BIOLIN AB Name change date 5/11/2009 Company Overview Biolin AB is a Sweden-based research and development company. It is engaged in the provision of high-technology solutions for companies active within the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and odontology sectors. The background of Biolin has sprung out of the companies MediTeam Dental and(…)


SCIROCCO AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Scirocco AB is a Swedish company that manufactures infrared identification (IRID) systems with tags and readers that have reading and writing distance. The company has a registered business office located in Kista, Sweden and was incorporated on April 1990. Scirocco provides tags for providing an(…)


XEZZEX AB Previous company name GENLINE HOLDING AB Name change date 7/15/2010 Company Overview Genline AB is a Swedish enterprise that specializes in the study of genealogy. The company’s services enable its customers to find their family roots and origins. Apart from its services via Internet (www.genline.com), the company also sells books, compact discs (CDs)(…)


MICRO HOLDING AB Previous company name POWERIT PS AB Name change date 1/20/2006 Company Overview Micro Holding AB, formerly known as Powerit PS AB, is a publicly quoted company active within the car retail sector. The company is engaged in the sale of spare parts and accessories for cars, within the do-it-yourself sector. It is(…)


HЦGANДS AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Hoganas AB is a Sweden-based company that develops and markets iron and non-ferrous metal powders for customers in the component manufacturing, welding, chemical and metallurgical industries. The company is the world’s largest producer of powdered metals. The company was established in 1797. The company originally(…)


PILUM AB Previous company name OPTEGRA AB Name change date 1/31/2007 Company Overview Pilum AB, formerly known as Optegra AB, is a private equity company that focuses on the manufacturing industry and energy sector. The company is principally engaged in the acquisition and development of small and medium-sized manufacturers. One of the company’s subsidiary is(…)

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