HEXAGON AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Hexagon AB is a Sweden-based global technology group with strong market positions within measurement technologies, polymers and key components. A group of industrially experienced private individuals started Hexagon AB in 1992 which acquired a major shareholding in Eken Industri & Handel AB. In 1993 Eken(…)


MICRONIC MYDATA AB Previous company name MICRONIC LASER SYSTEMS AB Name change date 5/3/2010 Company Overview Micronic Laser Systems AB, with registered business address in Taby, Sweden, is a publicly traded company active within the high-technology electronics industry. The company is primarily engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of laser pattern generators for the(…)


AVONOVA SVERIGE AB Previous company name CURERA SVERIGE AB Name change date 5/28/2007 Company Overview Curera Sverige AB is a Sweden-based company that is engaged in the provision of services within the company health service and patient-focused care. It is registered as a publicly quoted company listed in Stockholm Stock Exchange. The company is headquartered(…)


AB SEGERSTROM & SVENSSON (PUBL) Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The company is a privately held entity based in Sweden that is engaged in the management activities of a holding company. It was incorporated in October of 1935, and has its registered business office located in Kista, Sweden. The company handles the(…)


IGE RESOURCES AB Previous company name INTERNATIONAL GOLD EXPLORATION IGE AB Name change date 4/15/2010 Company Overview International Gold Exploration IGE AB (IGE) is a Sweden-based mining and exploration company. The group is engaged in the mining of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium; base metals, such as zinc, lead and copper and(…)


MOBISPINE AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Mobispine AB is a Swedish company with origins in Stockholm. The company develops a client application used for mobile Internet under the trademark Mobispine. Mobispine is a Java based free mobile software that allows users to read web feeds in their mobile phones. With Mobispine,(…)

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