SVENSKA CELLULOSA AB SCA Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Svenska Cellulosa AB SCA, with main office in Stockholm, Sweden, is engaged in production of consumer goods and paper products. It was founded and incorporated in 1929 by Ivar Kreuger. The company’s business areas include personal care, tissue, packaging, and forest products. Personal(…)


PROVENTUS AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Proventus AB is a private Sweden-based company involved in management investment offices. It is an international investment company trading in securities and investing in design and investment banking activities. The company principally invests internationally in companies in need for change. It provides growth and restructuring(…)


BILIA AB Previous company name CATENA AB Name change date 9/15/1998 Company Overview Bilia AB, with its registered head office at Goteborg, Sweden, is an active publicly quoted company that is primarily engaged in the sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles as well as in the retail sale of automotive fuel. The(…)


AARHUSKARLSHAMN AB Previous company name BNS INDUSTRIER AB Name change date 9/28/2005 Company Overview AarhusKarlshamn AB (publ) is a private company active within the food industry and engaged in the manufacture, sale and marketing of vegetable oils and fats. The Company, headquartered in Karlsham, Sweden, was formed during autumn 2005 through a merger between Aarhus(…)


B&B TOOLS AB Previous company name BERGMAN & BEVING AB Name change date 3/28/2007 Company Overview Bergman & Beving AB is a publicly traded company engaged in the wholesale of products in the area of tools, components and consumables for the industrial and construction sectors of Northern European countries. The Company was incorporated in 1906(…)


ODEN CONTROL AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Oden Control AB, with head office in Lidingo, Sweden, develops and distributes products based on its unique gear techniques. The company focus on three main product fields: electric actuators, valve solutions and industrial gears. The company was established in 1996 by Gustav Rennerfelt, a(…)

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