AXFOOD AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Axfood AB is a Swedish company that is primarily engaged in conducting food retail and wholesale trade. The company has a registered office situated in Solna, Sweden and was incorporated in 2000. Axfood was established through the merger of Hemkцp and D&D Dagligvaror and through(…)


TRACTECHNOLOGY AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview TracTechnology AB is a Sweden-based publicly quoted company whose primary business activity is software publishing. The company develops systems and sells components based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Its offer comprises solutions in security, industry, access and traceability within the grocery industry, as well(…)


KLЦVERN AB Previous company name ADCORE AB Name change date 6/18/2002 Company Overview Klцvern AB, with headquarters in Nykцping, Sweden, is a Sweden-based real estate property company with local ties that actively develops commercial properties in large Swedish cities. It is a public limited company listed on OMX – Stockholm Stock Exchange. Klцvern is also(…)


VASAKRONAN AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Vasakronan AB is one of the leading real estate companies in Sweden. The focus is on office and retail premises, supplemented by a wide range of services. The company has applied a combination of geographic and product-oriented strategies, and has specialized in the leasing and(…)


MICRONIC MYDATA AB Previous company name MICRONIC LASER SYSTEMS AB Name change date 5/3/2010 Company Overview Micronic Laser Systems AB, with registered business address in Taby, Sweden, is a publicly traded company active within the high-technology electronics industry. The company is primarily engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of laser pattern generators for the(…)


PEAB INDUSTRI AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Peab Industri AB (Publ) is a Swedish holding company that operates within three complimentary business areas: Machinery; Products; and Services. The company, with headquarters located in Дngelholm, Sweden, was founded by brothers, Erik and Mats Paulsson 1959. Peab Industri is a leading producer on(…)

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