STUDSVIK AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Studsvik AB is a Sweden-based high-technology company that focuses on irradiation services, radioactive waste treatment and nuclear medicine. It is registered as a publicly quoted company listed in Stockholm Stock Exchange. It was incorporated in December of 1994. The company’s services comprise decontamination and chemical(…)


LGP ALLGON HOLDING AB Previous company name LGP TELECOM HOLDING AB Name change date 10/16/2003 Company Overview LGP Allgon Holding AB is a Swedish company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of telecom products that improve radio coverage, capacity and data transmission speed in mobile communications networks all over the world. The company manufactures(…)


KARO BIO AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Karo Bio AB is a Swedish pharmaceutical company, specializing in nuclear receptors for the development of novel pharmaceuticals with focus on metabolic diseases. The company has expanded from being a drug discovery company by adding in-house preclinical development resources and competence for development of(…)


ALTERO AB Previous company name COOLGUARD AB Name change date 4/24/2009 Company Overview CoolGuard AB is a Swedish enterprise that offers caterers, restaurants and food retail outlets a temperature monitoring system. Its CoolGuard system is based on global systems for mobile communications (GSM) wireless technology. The company’s product has a wireless sensor that transmits exact(…)


SPIRA AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The firm is a private holding company whose group is engaged in the provision of business support and management services principally in Sweden. The company was incorporated in the year 1990. The registered head office of the company is located in Malmц, Sweden. The group(…)


DIOS FASTIGHETER AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Dios Fastigheter AB, active within the real estate sector, is a Swedish company that engages the acquisition, management, sale, and rent of properties including office, shop and industrial estate properties. The company has a registered head office located in Ostersund, Sweden. Dios Fastigheter has(…)

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