GETINGE AB Previous company name GETINGE INDUSTRIER AB Name change date 4/23/2001 Company Overview Getinge AB, formerly known as Getinge Industrier AB, is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of medical equipments. It is registered as a publicly quoted company listed in Stockholm Stock Exchange. The company was founded in 1904 by Olander Larsson. It(…)


SAS AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview SAS AB is a Sweden based publicly quoted company engaged in the provision of air transportation, airline related services and operating services. The Company was incorporated in 1918, and has its registered office primarily located in Stockhol, Sweden. SAS is the Nordic region’s largest listed(…)


AB KLAIPEDOS BALDAI Previous company name Name change date Company Overview AB Klaipedos Baldai is a Lithuania-based company involved in the manufacture and trade of wooden household and office furniture. The Company was established in 1954 and has its registered office in Klaipeda, Lithuania. In 1975, the furniture factory in Klaipeda was incorporated with Rietavas(…)


NET INSIGHT AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Net Insight AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, develops and markets fiber-optic data and video networking equipment. The company was founded in 1997 by researchers formerly with Ericsson and Telia who had developed a method of multiplexing 64-bit time slots within a 125-microsecond data frame.(…)


ZODIAK TELEVISION AB Previous company name MTV PRODUKTION AB Name change date 7/8/2005 Company Overview Zodiak Television AB is a Swedish media company, primarily engaged in the development, production and marketing of television programs under the MTV Mastiff, Mastiff Media, Jarowskij, T&T Broadcasters and Look Entertainment brands. The company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, is(…)


SKANE-MOLLAN AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Skеne-mцllan AB is primarily engaged in the manufacture of grain mill products. Skеne-mцllan is a small-scale, innovative mill located in Tеgarp in the south of Sweden. It was founded in 1971 by Sten Persson, Nils Jцnsson and Evald Nilsson. The company aims to be an(…)

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