ASG AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The company is a Sweden based enterprise engaged in the development, operation and management of real estate properties. It is also involved in letting of own property. The company was incorporated in the year 1935. Its registered business office is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The(…)


FABEGE AB (OLD) Previous company name DROTT AB Name change date 3/30/2004 Company Overview Fabege AB (Old) is one of Sweden’s largest property companies and oversees a portfolio of commercial premises totaling more than 2.1 million square meters. The Sweden-based property company owns, manages and trades real estate. It is active within the area of(…)


FENIX OUTDOOR AB Previous company name FJДLLRДVEN AB Name change date 5/8/2002 Company Overview Fenix Outdoor AB, formerly known as Fjallraven AB, is a Swedish based publicly traded company whose line of business is in the development, manufacturing and marketing of outdoor and leisure-time equipment and clothing. The company was established in 2002 after it(…)


MANDATOR AB Previous company name CELL NETWORK AB Name change date 5/19/2003 Company Overview Mandator AB, with registered business establishment located in Stockholm, Sweden, is a public quoted company that is principally engaged in delivering IT/internet and telecommunications business-critical solutions within the service areas of systems integration, business modeling, interactive communication and convergence. The company(…)


KONTAKT EAST HOLDING AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Kontakt East holding AB is a publicly held company engaged in the operation of directory services and consumer e-commerce businesses. The company was founded in 1996 and has its registered office located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company focuses on investing in high growth,(…)


SYSTEMBOLAGET AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Systembolaget AB, with headquarters in S-103 84 Stockholm, is Sweden’s alcohol retailing monopoly, a state owned concern with monopoly on sale of alcoholic beverages to individuals and restaurants in Sweden. The Company exists for one reason only: To minimize alcohol-related problems by selling alcohol in(…)

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