BIOGAIA AB Previous company name BIOGAIA BIOLOGICS AB Name change date 4/4/2001 Company Overview BioGaia AB, with its registered head office at Stockholm, Sweden, is an active publicly quoted biotechnology company that sells products and licenses to companies operating in the area of functional foods & beverages and healthcare. The group’s products include Reuteri Culture,(…)


GUIDELINE TECHNOLOGY AB Previous company name GUIDELINE OIL DRILLING TECHNOLOGY AB Name change date 6/3/2009 Company Overview The company is a publicly quoted entity engaged in the manufacture of electrical equipment. It was incorporated in 2003 and conducts its business from its corporate head office located in Lidingo, Sweden. It has developed an internationally patented(…)


CONNECTA AB Previous company name NANOOK INVESTMENT AB Name change date 8/8/2004 Company Overview Connecta AB, with registered business establishment located in Stockholm, Sweden, is a public quoted company that is active within the information technology (IT) sector. The company is engaged in the provision of IT consultancy and management solutions for the improvement of(…)


EAST CAPITAL EXPLORER AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview East Capital Explorer AB, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, operates as an investment company. The company invests mainly in East Capital’s private equity and semi-public equity funds that provide exposure to companies not otherwise accessible via the local stock exchanges in Eastern Europe.(…)


VASAKRONAN AB Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Vasakronan AB is one of the leading real estate companies in Sweden. The focus is on office and retail premises, supplemented by a wide range of services. The company has applied a combination of geographic and product-oriented strategies, and has specialized in the leasing and(…)


FASTIGHETS AB BALDER Previous company name ENLIGHT AB Name change date 9/7/2005 Company Overview Fastighets AB Balder, formerly known as Enlight AB, is a Sweden-based real estate company that is engaged primarily in the acquisition, development retail and letting of commercial properties. It is registered as a publicly quoted company listed in Stockholm Stock Exchange.(…)

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