SALZGITTER AG Previous company name PREUSSAG STAHL AG Name change date 4/23/1998 Company Overview Salzgitter AG, with registered business address in Salzgitter, Germany, is engaged in the manufacture of steel and associated products. The company, formerly known as Preussag Stahlag until April of 1998, was incorporated in 1843. Salzgitter AG was established in 1858 as(…)


NANOSTART AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Nanostart Ag is a listed nanotechnology investment company whose activities are divided into two areas: one of its focuses is investing in fast-growing nanotechnology companies; its other key area of activity is advising companies in the financial industry on investments in the nanotechnology sector. The(…)


VIVANCO GRUPPE AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Vivanco Gruppe AG, with registered office address located in Ahrensburg, Germany, is a holding company to a group engaged in the development, production and supply of IT and telecommunication accessories. Vivanco Gruppe is one of Europe’s leading providers of equipment and connecting accessories. As(…)


TELESENS KSCL AG Previous company name TELESENS AG Name change date 8/2000 Company Overview A subsidiary of Telesens LLC of Ukraine, the company is involved in the development of software solutions for the telecommunications businesses in the markets of the commonwealth of independent states in Europe. It offers the T-Factura that allows deciphering bills of(…)


KUEHLHAUS ZENTRUM AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Kuehlhaus Zentrum AG, with registered office in Hamburg, Germany, is a publicly quoted company which is primarily engaged in the business field of refrigerated warehousing and storage, and logistics of perishable goods. The company was founded in March 1911 as a cold-storage facility situated(…)


CHEMIE HOLDING (LINZ) AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The company is a private firm engaged in the provision of management services to its holding businesses in Germany. It conducts its business from its registered head office which is located in Munchen 2. As a holding company, it takes controlling and supervisory(…)

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