WELLA AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Wella AG, with registered office address in Darmstadt, Germany, is one of the world’s leading hair care firms. The company is engaged in the manufacture of hair care products for professional use and for the retail market, beauty and skin care products, and equipments for(…)


BELL HOLDING AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Bell Holding AG, with registered business address located in Basel, Switzerland, is an active public quoted company principally engaged in the production, processing and preserving, as well as the sale of meat in Switzerland. The company is divided into six main business divisions: poultry,(…)


OLYMPIA FLEXGROUP AG Previous company name ALLBECON OLYMPIA AG Name change date 7/1/2008 Company Overview The company operates as a personnel services firm, specialized in temporary employment and private recruitment services. It is a publicly quoted company, which was incorporated in 2006 and was formerly known as Allbecon Olympia Ag. The company has its registered(…)


INTEGRALIS AG Previous company name ARTICON-INTEGRALIS AG Name change date 5/29/2006 Company Overview Integralis AG, with headquarters in Ismaning, Germany, is a European market leader in security systems integration. The company is listed on the Prime Standard since October 1998 (Prime Standard: AAGN, WKN 515503). Integralis, Europe’s largest security systems integrator, provides information security solutions(…)


CINEMAXX AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview CinemaxX AG is a publicly quoted company engaged in video tape production and the operation of cinemas and movie theaters in both Germany and Denmark. The company was incorporated in 1972. Its registered headquarters is located in Hamburg, Germany. In addition, CinemaxX AG is the(…)


HASEN IMMOBILIEN AG Previous company name HASEN-BRAЬ AG Name change date 2/3/2003 Company Overview It is a publicly quoted company primarily engaged in the acquisition, disposal and management of uncultivated and cultivated land, of land rights and other property, including as a trustee; leasehold arrangement of the conclusion of contracts and proof of the opportunity(…)

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